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The plan



I need some accountability so I'm writing it down



I ran our taxes quickly the other night, and turns out my tax planning was off. We need to max out my hsa (which happens to be great goal since it was wiped out last year and it would nice to refill it) in order to get most of the 11k IRA since we are phasing out of it. Why I didn't pick this up before is beyond me. But, I did the taxes very quickly at the end of a long day so maybe I'm missing something.


So, DH and I will add about $2900 to max out my HSA to our 4/15 goal. Correction: $2785 of new HSA money needed to max out.


So, this weekend, I need to:


-Transfer DH's medical expenses after his HSA was opened back to our checking. (finally made his contribution last week) Done

-Review taxes again Sunday when I am not exhausted to see if I missed anything - Completed. I did make a few corrections, and we will be getting a $426 refund between fed/state with the IRA/HSA contributions.

-Run a tax projection for 2015 with DH's newspaper income/expenses and keeping in mind phase outs! Completed. We are projected to owe a small balance so will make estimated payments. I am no longer planning any deductible iras, will be roth's from now on, and am not including hsa contributions until they happen.

-Adjust 401k w/h on hold until tax projection is complete. Using gross + DH profit, we are $383 short on 15% with current 401k contributions + 11k Roth. Not going to adjust at this time, will reevulate later in the year.

-Call DH surgeon re: medical bill (have not rec'd yet and are nervous they have the wrong address) Done

-Play with the budget and figure out how we are going to come up with this extra money Currently $1522 short on our goal (11k + 2785), but overtime projections are low (but despite a slow start, the last pay period was 107 hours, and I am confident that these hours will continue for the rest of tax season. Although I do remember being up to 137 hrs last year!). I also budget low for the ebay/commission job. feeling good about this goal.

-Print,complete, sign and MAIL the star form for the resident property tax discount. Completed.

-Sell something on CL or ebay (it's been years!) Posted Light on CL. Need to find more things to post!

-Cancel home phone

-Reevaluate both jobs. My projected income is down for both, and unless i get a nice tax season bonus, it truly is time to find ONE better paying job with full benefits. I am killing myself working 7 days/week and have literally no time for myself and am going to make 10k less this year, as it stands right now. :-(


Our plan is to save this money by 4/15. I'm hoping to get a bonus this year which we are planning to use for an inexpensive car for DH, some house repairs before getting gazelle intense for the house payoff, which we hope to start by June (one year after buying the house). We have to finish the deck, deal with the pool fence issue and close out the permit, replace a door (the craigslist freebie is not exactly helping with our heat bill), and some other small repairs (our recent plumber bill will be covered by the remainder of our house repair fund), and would love to do a mini vacation/weekend away if we can find someone to cover the paper route. But the chances of that happening our slim, since we really need to use any free time to work in the yard. Our other goal is to start planning our garden. I keep telling DH that we should keep it small, since we will already have enough on our plates, but we'll see. Gardens make me happy :-)


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Did I really say that I would do all of that over the weekend?  I must have meant next weekend. ;-)  I did do a few of them in between work, church, my nap, and one tv show with DH. It was almost a day off!  I was starting to feel rundown, but feel much better today!

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Also, when I was working on the tax planning, i noticed that the ebay job is overcharging me by one full premium every year!!!  I had thought it was odd that they were deducting ins on a 5 paycheck month, but had not taken the time to look at it more closely until now!  If you divide a monthly ins premium by 4, then you do not collect in 5 paycheck months! This should turn into a nice snowflake just in time for April!

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