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Sisters met him briefly at 1 am and love him to pieces. Unfortunately the snow has kept them from coming up today. Hoping for a visit tomorrow. They did have to start jacob on antibiotics for 48 hrs so we will be here until Thursday and ice been told we are getting even more snow possibly so hoping to actually make it home. It's very surreal having another baby though. Just an amazing blessing.

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I love that his little thumb is out. So cute! Does he suck on his thumb?


Enjoy every. single. moment. with your newest addition. As you know, it goes SO fast. I am so thrilled for your family. Please drive home carefully when you and baby get sprung!

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He does try to get his thumb but it doesn't seem to soothe him. He would rather have mom. :-) we are doing good. Last night I got the most sleep I've had in 3 nights even though it was choppy. He takes a binky when he needs to. He even did a 4 hour stretch after nursing every 1.5 hrs for 6 hrs. That was a blissful 4 hrs. Except for engorgement.

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