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One Week In



Well one week in and things are going pretty good. Got my first pay check from my new job. So starting to make a little impact already. I received my income tax refund last week and was waiting on the first pay check. With it I was able to pay off a 2nd debt. So just to track where I'm at:


BS 2 - Any increase as caused by interest expense which is caused by tracking so closely but I do much better with weekly updates.



Cell Phone; $0.00/$343.50

CC # 4: $0.00/$5,423.06

SL # 2: $5418.83/$5415.83

SL # 1: $5489.11/5,489.11

CC # 3: $8933.25/$8,794.50

SL # 3: $12,599.57/$12,585.56

CC # 1: $12,839.83/$13,444.25

CC # 2: $15,709.66/$16,131.48

Total: $60,990.25/$67,721.50


Two of the student loans were split out in last week because the website lists two separate loans but I can’t seem to pay them separately to I am combining them.


I also threw a small snowball at CC#3 as it was over the limit of $8800 by $133.25. It hasn't posted as of yet though so it's not reflected in the number above. So that card should between that payment and the minimum be back under the limit and stay under the limit.


So I have paid down $6,731.25 so almost 10% knocked out. I won’t make this kind of progress every week but it’s great to see an impact already. I should be able to throw a couple of hundred more during February. And barring any emergencies things I haven’t thought of I should be able to throw almost $1,000 snowball next month.


I have sort in order of pay off at this point. So next up is SL #2, watch out Sallie Mae/Naivent you’re next.


Also next on the list is seeing if I can eliminate any more spending that I can. I will be cutting back on cable for sure. I will also being eating down the crazy amount of food stuffs I have stocked up. So no grocery spending except milk, eggs and bread at least for this and next month. I figure soon enough I won't be able to stick to being that strict with the grocery budget so I am going to take advantage of it now while I'm still all fired up. I will also need to buy cat food and probably diapers but as far as I can figure that is all I will need next month. I'm sure something will come up that I am not thinking of but still I should be able to get off pretty cheap for the shopping in March.


With my new job, I will be able to eliminate my cell phone bill as the company issues cell phones and I can transfer my personal number over. I have already checked and they are fine with me using as both my personal and work phone. Also after the first of next month my health insurance through work goes into effect so I can cancel the policy that I've been paying for while I was contract which will save me a pretty penny every month.


Right now, I think my estimated pay off date for BS 2 is Feb 2017. But that is nothing goes wrong between now and then so fingers crossed that I can either find more money to keep it there or nothing goes wrong for two years.

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If your student loans that are separate but connected are anything like the ones we have, each month I was able to send a request to pay all of the extra principle payment to the smaller one.


It was annoying, but I just sent in the final payment to that part of the loan, so I think it was worth the bother.

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