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three bags full




I'm cleaning out my closet. It's nuts the things I've kept. A size 3/4 dress. Yes, it's cute, but I wore it a long time ago and I will never be that shape again. Even though I'll lose baby weight and be smaller, I'll never go back to that adolescent shape. Getting out those shirts that don't fit through the shoulders or bust. Business suits that I bought 15 years ago for my first professional job.... gotta go. The maternity clothes are easy to dump, obviously not planning on needing those, but clothes that I spent good money on.... hardly wore.... 15 years ago. They're outta here.

Mostly all I'll have left will be jeans (that fit) a handful of long sleeve scoop neck t-shirts (that I wear all the time), yoga & pajama pants that I wear around the house. I have hardly any spring or summer clothes, so that needs to be added to the budget. But I'm going to be real. No fancy clothes until I'm done breastfeeding.

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I did this in the fall. I own 3 pairs of cords, 1 pair of jeans, 5 black v neck long sleeve tees and a bunch of wool socks. This is my daily clothing.


I do have a few skirts, sweaters etc that I wear to work.


6 pairs of shoes (plus snow boots and rain boots) pajamas and some summer dresses and skirts, a few dressy things for charity events and weddings. that is my closet. No other clothes stored elsewhere. No dressers. It makes life so much easier!

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I don't have a dresser, but my closet is big, so keeping all of those things didn't even make it looked cramped. I caught myself thinking, "but I won't have anything to wear!" except that I haven't worn most of these things in years.

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My husband and I each have our own closets. His is up next. He probably only wears 3 pairs of jeans, 1 suit and 5 shirts each season. But his closet is way more packed than mine. I'll have to remember to update how many bags I get out of his closet. I'm betting 5.

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We have to constantly keep short accounts with the clothing around here.


While nobody here buys clothes very often at all (and when we do it's at a thrift store), we are constantly being given bags and bags of clothing (and then there was the couple who took every one of my 6 younger children clothes shopping for Christmas-- no kidding. They are such a blessing-- this is the second year they've done this!).


The 4 boys in the converted garage don't even have a closet; it's a set-back "hole in the wall" with 3 dressers stuffed in it. The 4 girls, being in the master bedroom with its nice big walk-in closet, don't have tons of space, either. So we must keep short accounts, or we end up literally drowning in clothes (even though no single person ever seems to have "too many clothes" on a per-person basis). 


And yeah-- somehow, we still have "too much stuff"! 

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Full length black velvet gown, bought at a discount store in 1998 to wear to a musical in NYC (phantom of the opera), also wore to a winter wedding in 2000. Why is this still in my closet?!


I'm still keeping two or three hopeful dresses. BUT most are going. I will have to force myself to shop in spring, but I'll keep it reasonable. the 333 project really speaks to me.

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DH doesn't want me to do his closet, so I'm going to suggest he do it this weekend so I can get the charity pick up scheduled.

I don't think our house even looks cluttered, but seeing all that I'm getting rid of, it clearly is.


I still have our arts & crafts closet to tackle. I hope clearing it out means a creative Sunday for several of us. My walls need more art.

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Attempted the Project 333. Wow! I have a pretty minimal wardrobe, but I could not go down to only 33 items as recommended on the site. I was able to go to 45 but that still didn't include outerwear, scarves or jewelry. Most of what I could eliminate were items getting to big, I wear most of what I have in my closet. I like to have more options, my work wardrobe is very casual, so I do need clothes for going out and special occasions.


It is a good lesson on what is truly worn and loved. I will continue to work on it and keep those practices in mind.

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I am pretty minimalist on my clothing.  When I first read about Project 333, I thought it sounded ridiculously small.  Then I counted my clothes and found that I didn't even HAVE 33 items of clothing for that season!  I love my closet; it's so peaceful!

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I'm a shape shifter right now. I'm in size 8/10 pants, but by 18 months postpardum, I'll be a size 6. My shirt/bra size is bigger than I'll be when I wean, probably in 2 years.

I don't really want to spend much money until I'm back to normal, whatever that means (I'm hoping for 125# and size 6; right now I'm around 143#. extended breastfeeding will get rid of the extra 20#, I just have to have patience.)


For now I'm planning on buying/owning the minimum to get by, with plans to update the wardrobe with nice items at weaning. Right now I'm super self conscious, my clothes are ratty, my body's squishy and I'm just not myself.

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