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I hate ice!




Poor Alex spent 4 hours in the car yesterday just so he could get his laptop and get set up on the server. He did what he could training-wise at home today. Hopefully he can get in tomorrow!


Our vacuum died and a neighbor offered up hers. She is about a mile from me so I drove and it was not pleasant. Then I missed the dry area of my driveway and tried to park on black ice... on a hill. It's scary to have your car be sliding down and have no control over it! Luckily it hit some traction before I slid into the drainage ditch beside my driveway! We used kitty litter, got me parked safely on the street and then I fell on the ice.


If it weren't for the fact that I have a working vacuum now, that my friend has offered to take my girls tomorrow when I'm required to work a short day and Alex had a new job... I would give up on this week! Lol!!!


Seriously though, prayers for safety on the roads for my coworkers and myself would be greatly appreciated! Our predicted snow was all freezing rain. I'm frustrated we have to go in for a 5 hour day but we are trying to help our parents get some work in. The low tomorrow night is supposed to be in the negatives so we may re freeze and not make it in Thursday at all.


Thinking warm thoughts!

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Oh Sara, hugs.


I am so sick of this winter. Ice is just plain scary, esp for all of you down south who aren't used to the ice/snow. 


We have snow, snow, snow, with more snow (& possibly heavy RAIN & ice) forecasted for Saturday night & all day Sunday. Dh took today off b/c I noticed yesterday that our dining room ceiling has water spots (big) above the front door...sigh.  He has been using a roof rake after every storm, but it hasn't been enough (a common theme here in town from what I'm hearing/reading). Today the plan is for him to try to get every bit of snow off of the roof (hardly any is left), he is going to clear the downspouts to the ground (with at least 4 feet of snow surrounding them in places) & we are praying for it to be in the 20's with some sun (which may or may not happen for a smidge of the day).


Please be safe everyone! (I know you will, my thoughts are with you)

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I hate ice and snow too.  I am over it.  When DH was looking for a job last year, I tried so hard to convince him to really hit Florida and Hawaii pretty hard lol. 

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We got pounded again Sunday and dh's flight to nashville was cancelled. Then the nashville airport closed so he missed his conference completely (though he did teleconference in).

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I am glad you are okay, Sara, and that the mess that you mentioned did not include serious damage to a person or to a vehicle. I pray it remains so for you. :)

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School ended up being closed today, the parking lot was a skating rink.


I think we are all getting back to work/school tomorrow. I'm so ready! Alex is excited to finally go to work!

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