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I love Mondays



I love Mondays, with the promise of a fresh new week, I'm ready to tackle the list of things I wish to do. I'm sure my husband and school aged child don't appreciate Monday quite as much as I do.


Baby girl is pretty much sleeping through the night reliably. I think it's time for me to get out of bed an hour earlier. I've really appreciated how my DH has been the morning parent in charge, with packing school lunch, doing morning drop off, while I sleep in with the little two. But, I'm feeling like it's time to rejoin the world a little more. (I still reserve the right to sleep in after all-nighters.)


So. In the interest of making the most of this week, I'm going to start some spring cleaning, open the windows, call for charity pick up, and get the floors mopped. I'm really going to focus on home, since the money stuff is on auto pilot at this point, and there's really nothing for me to obsess over there. (Other than rolling over a few old IRAS from loaded funds to index funds. on my list for this spring. )

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Mondays are kind of rough for us because both girl's have girl scouts so everything happens a little bit earlier. It's the only activity they are in right now so the rest of the week is much more relaxed after school. And DH returns home today after 5 weeks away so I'm sprucing up the house as much as my body will allow me to. I have been pretty productive today as a whole. Done grocery shopping (I even remembered my reusable bags), sheets and duvet washed and dried, sheets put back on the bed, kitchen floor swept and mopped and I wiped down the mirror and counter and sink in the master bath. I'd still like to get the trash out. Not sure much of what else will get done.

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Well shoot. Youngest kids slept until 8:45 this morning, so I did too. I've got to get motivated. I feel like I need this sleep though. Breastfeeding and hormonal changes do a number on my energy levels.

I'll do better tomorrow.

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Just a quick note about this comment.


Other than rolling over a few old IRAS from loaded funds to index funds.


You are mixing two different concepts.


Loaded funds typically refer to those you've bought through a Financial Advisor, often with an upfront commission (ie how you paid the advisor for his advice). It's a good conversation whether an advisor is worth his cost or not (I'm obviously biased). But, let's be clear here, we're talking about the past and (usually) fees that have already been paid. Are you familiar with the phrase 'close the barn door after the horse already got out?'

Before touching on No Load Funds, let's dig just a bit deeper.


What do you get when you pay an upfront load? If your advisor didn't explain, that might be a good enough reason to find a new one. You don't just get the individual investment he picked you get access to all of the funds within the Fund Family.

So, if an individual fund no longer suits your needs or tastes, you might want to explore if another fund which you've already paid to acquire access to fits your needs instead.


No Load Funds are the opposite. You don't hire an advisor, you pick your funds and do your research on your own (or arrange payment more directly for the services of an advisor).

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