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Little bathroom update #5



Just popping in to show our most recent progress. We have been busy busy this weekend getting our part done so we can once again have the toilet installed. I feel terrible complaining about having to run to our basement to use the bathroom,but it is getting old. Total first world problem!!


The "crew", got everything done up to where we step in to prime ceiling and walls, paint ceiling and walls, and install the flooring. This job is made much easier with nothing else in the room to paint around. We were able to get the priming done and one coat of paint on the ceiling. DH got the flooring in and it looks so good already!!!! Unfortunately DH had to work today at his paying job, so I will be doing the remaining painting in the room by myself today. BIL, is coming this afternoon to install the toilet, so I need to get busy!


First pic is the walls primed and the start of the flooring going in. Pic 2 is our cute little fur baby doing her inspection of the completed floor installation. I also have a sneak peek of our vanity and counter top, it's looking a bit darker then it does in person, but you get the general idea. I will post more pics when I get the walls painted, so be sure to check back in!



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I really like the flooring.  That's the peel and stick that looks like wood, right?


And your doggy is adorable, and I'm sure he/she knows it!

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The flooring has strips on either side of it that has an adhesive on them. You butt each panel right up the the next and they stick to each other but not to the floor. All you need is a utility knife to cut it. Makes for very easy installation.


Our pooch is a she her name is Macie!

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Ooo, I've heard good things about that type of flooring!  Be sure to come back to us in like a year and tell us how you're liking it!

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We have the same flooring in our mud /laundry room(different wood look). Its been 4-5 years, geez maybe longer, I can't remember. It has held up great and that is a high traffic room. Lots of wet dirty shoes coming in from outside. It cleans up easily, no fear with water like with laminate.

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We're getting to end.......almost. Still waiting on the mirror and vanity light to be installed. I'm just having a plain mirror trimmed out with a light over it. The light fixture won't be delivered until Feb 19th but hopefully they will get the mirror up before then. They also need to build and install the linen cabinet we will now have. We probably could have done both these ourselves but DH isn't confident with his DIY skills and we also don't have most of the proper tools to do some of the work, and these guys do such great work. We will do all the painting for both of these projects.


Then it's just the truly fun part decorating and accessorizing!!! Not going crazy but want new towels, and rug in a new fresh color and maybe a picture or something for the walls. We have a plain white shower curtain that I will keep using for now, but may look for something with more color but I'm fine with this for now.



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