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Blah....Doctor's appointment stuff




I petitioned the base medical center for permission to be allowed to see a civilian pediatrician. I felt the military doctor was missing big things and misdiagnosing our children. Our petition was approved and we are spending this month getting our kids into the new doctor.


Guess what....I was right :(


Today's appointment was a hard one. The new Dr feels that our 8 yr old was misdiagnosed as ADHD (which I felt as well). The Dr feels instead that dd needs to be seen by a psychiatrist and evaluated for bipolar disorder. Which we have a family history for and my gut was leaning towards as well. I simply wrote up a list of what we are dealing with and handed it to the dr without any commentary of what I was thinking and she immediately came up with bipolar disorder. I have a call into the local children's hospital for an appointment to follow up. Of course my mother feels dd is "second in a large family and just looking for attention" she feels the same way about her sister as well "she is just looking for attention". So as if this wasn't hard enough I have to listen to all that junk :(


The new dr also had resources to get dd into a local educational evaluation center. They will be doing a neurocognitive learning assessment to either diagnosis or rule out dyslexia and dyscalcula. The total cost is $1,500 for 9 hours of evaluations!


I am so looking forward to the rest of the appointments....not! I am about to change the spreadsheets again :(

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I'm sorry for all that you're dealing with, but proper diagnosis is a good thing. If I may suggest, I would not share any of that information with your mother, or any family member that will berate or belittle you in any way. You don't need that, and it's not their business.

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I am at the same place Carrie. I told her about it because she witnessed one of the bottoming out sessions and was seriously upset by it. Of course that was a few months ago and she now has her rose colored glasses back in place. She was also the one who fought me tooth and nail about getting the kids a formal autism diagnosis. Without the diagnosis they couldn't get help but she was more worried about the stigma associated with it :(

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I have never heard of having to pay for that kind of educational testing.  That is something the public school generally provides (at least around here).  I know you are homeschooling, but have you checked with the school board to see if you can still get the testing for free?  I think there are certain services that they have to provide to everyone since our taxes pay for it regardless of what school they attend.  I may  not be getting all of this right but it may be worth a phone call.

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I have a call into the base to see if they offer it through the educational services there or if it is something that can be reimbursed. I also am about to call the child study team for our district to see if they will do the testing. I am also about to ask again in our homeschool group to see if anyone has a btdt. I asked before and no one had but it never hurts to ask again.

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Great job advocating for your child. You did not just go along with the dr., you really looked out for the best for your kiddo. You are to be commended.

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What Annie said. Praying for grace and peace for you, Momma, as you navigate these new waters with your precious daughter. 

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