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Progress has begun!



The guys are here to start putting our bathroom together! I have a final before pic and will add progress pics as they come!!! blogentry-369-0-28366200-1422541712_thumb.jpg


I snuck a pic of the guys!! Busy at work!!!blogentry-369-0-00531500-1422541971_thumb.jpg


So here is all I have to show for all the work the guys had to do. There was a lot of electrical and plumbing to take care of to get to this point. The first is our shiney white tub/shower enclosure. They had to put down a cement base to put the tub on, the floor wasn't level. So glad we had someone else do this work it is way beyond our skills. The second is the mess of electrical they had to run. We have a new exhaust fan with light and heat, each with their own switch, plus a seperate vanity light and we will each have our own outlets down near the vanity on each side of the mirror, instead of the one that was up high by the vanity light. It's the little things that excite me!! blogentry-369-0-57181900-1422802013_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-82133500-1422802024_thumb.jpg

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Way to go!!  I know the feeling of progress on a remodel is very rewarding.  Seeing our bathroom take shape was so exciting I could not wait to get home every day to start on it.  


**Your paint in the second pic is very similar to what I have in a lot of my house.  I am very into neutrals these days with pops of accent colors.  My DD is majoring in Interior Design and she approves of my choices! haha  Never thought I would have her agree with me!

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I'm a fan of neutrals too, with pops of color in accent pieces. We have a small house so I tend to use light airy colors. Glad it's desighner approved!!


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Not having a toilet on our main floor has been a pain over the weekend. I didn't realize how often I went until I had to run to basement each time. Definitely not fun at 2 am when the heat is turned down to 60!


We should be getting the sub floor put down, new toilet and the dry wall installed today. Our vanity is still not in, it was estimated to be delivered to the store today, but it hasn't even been shipped yet. Total bummer!



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