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[email protected]&m the Mall of America



Ok folks - I'm in MPLS for work this week and of COURSE we are right next to the Mall of America.


I have not had any downtime yet to scope the place out - but I'm so tempted to go tomorrow night if we don't have a team event planned.


They don't have taxes on clothes here - and I just have to tell myself that I already have TOO many clothes and don't need anything else. It's gonna be so tempting to wander the mall and bring home some treasures.


So talk me down folks. I don't need a single thing. I don't need a single thing. I must resist the lure of consumerism.

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I've been to that mall, you're not missing anything.  It's like any other mall, but your feet will hurt more because it's bigger!

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You're really not missing anything. They'll lure you in with anything, even the temptation of no taxes. But really what does that save you? Not a whole lot. Just put something on the TV don't think about the mall!

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Yup I agree with the others, the mall is nothing but a big normal mall. I live in MN and go by the place a few times a year only been in it about 3 times. The no tax is great but not when you don't need the items anyways.


Check out the pool at the hotel. Find something free to do if you need to kill time. If you do go to the mall just walk around and look at the amusment park in the middle. Sometimes they have free entertainment I believe.

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Wow, a huge mall.... that sounds like my worst nightmare.  Being trapped in a giant mall, surrounded by a million rude people in a hurry to go nowhere, looking at scantily clad teenagers (or at their underpants), either in the windows or out and about, and not able to find the way out!!  *L*


Sooooo let me ask..... WHY would you want to go into a mall when you don't actually have to and you don't need/want anything they have to offer?  (or in my case ever really?!?)
Just take, oh say..... $200 and mail it to yourself.  You'll be much happier when you get home and have the $200, instead of more stuff that you will likely regret buying once you get off the "high" of shopping.  =0)  ... you wouldn't even be able to return it, since you aren't from the area.... 
Let's see.... if there's nothing else to do there besides shop, you could maybe go out to dinner with someone from work and expand your network a little.  =0)  (It used to be called making a new friend.)
Besides.... do you really know what you have right now?  Have you unboxed everything?  Do you know that you wouldn't just be spending more money on something you that you already have?  I think I would be mad if I bought something, and then found out that I already had one.  =0)
On the upside (?)  maybe you won't get ANY downtime, so you won't have to fight the pull..... =0)
But if you REALLY, REALLY have to go to the mall, the simple solution is to leave your wallet elsewhere... and the debit card... and any CC you may have.... and any other method of payment...  IF there is something that you simply "have to have" then you can go back.... if it's worth going back after.....  =0)
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Stay strong! You have goals and a plan for your money and this wasn't in it. If you have clothing money and really want to go, just take CASH (leave the rest and cards) and spend that. If you are able to just window shop - great! 


I am not sure if you are there with another person, but I have found that going shopping with others tends to make me spend more. 

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The clothing stores there are, of course, pricey.  I was so excited to go to the Tall Girl store last time, and even their super discounted jeans were over $50.

There is a Schwan's ice cream stand...that would be good. :)

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We went one year. Had a motel room for two nights. I was all excited about getting the kids back to school clothes tax free. They couldn't fit my tall lanky son in any of their fancy stores. We cancelled our second night and came on Home where my mom and pop clothing store ordered jeans to fit him. You are missing NOTHING by staying away.

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