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Bathroom remodel continued



I have all my pics on my iPad and can only post them in this section so I will do a new post as we move along.


The following pics are with the walls demo'd to the studs, nothing to exciting. This is where we have been stopped at for a couple weeks. We are waiting for the shower stall to come in which should be today!!!! I told DH to call his brother to see what we can do to prepare for the install. If he can definitly be here on Thursday for the install we could go ahead and get the old shower/tub out. There will be plumbing work needed, the shower head is about 6-8" to low for us. The people who built this house must have been short because this is the case with many things in the house. The vanity mirror, the kitchen cabinets, even the basement could have had another row of brick to give better ceiling height. We also need shut offs put in more convenient locations, currently we have to get into the ceiling in the basement.


The 3rd photo is standing at the tub looking back to the door. That corner is where the big corner cabinet, I mentioned, was hung. It was the only storage besides the vanity we had in there. The second photo is the long wall opposite the vanity and where the eventual linen closet will go. You can see we have some venting pipes to contend with, but they will be concealed within the closet/wall.


Hopefully the next pics will be prettier!blogentry-369-0-68469800-1421846828_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-94671100-1421846837_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-11483200-1421846854_thumb.jpg

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We budgeted $3000, but have extra funds if needed. So far we have spent $1743.06. This includes the vanity, sink top, 2 faucets, shower/tub enclosure, shower/tub faucet, exhaust fan/ light and toilet. We are reusing our shower rod, towel hook bar, TP holder and a towel ring. I'm painting the same color I did one of our spare bedrooms, hopefully there is enough left. I have ceiling paint already.


We still have drywall, under laiment, flooring, plumbing and electrical parts, other construction materials to pay for. We will also have some labor costs for whatever BIL crew might have. We are having them not only build the linen closet but in our bedroom on the shared wall, we will have them build a floor to ceiling dresser built in.


BIL stopped by today and we have more demo to do before they can get to the tub so that is on our agenda for tomorrow!!

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Our homework for today....the tub enclosure has a ceiling portion that we need to remove. The new one will not have this, we will be drywalling from the tub wall enclosure up to the ceiling and paint.


Remove the metal lath(sp.) that is hanging down where the ceiling meets the walls. BIL is suppose to lend us a grinder tool which should make this job a snap, not sure how we will do it otherwise.


Remove the flooring down to the sub floor.


Remove the drywall between our bedroom and bathroom where the linen closet will be built and eventual built in dresser. We will need to put up cardboard or something temporarily until BIL gets here next week, because that could be a bit awkward!! Haha!

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