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Bathroom remodel project.



Since everyone seems to enjoy before and after pics I thought I'd share our bathroom remodel project. I have waited 20 years to do this room, we've painted, several times and replaced the original floor to perk the room up over the years but this is a whole gut and remodel job.


When we bought the house it had knoty pine wainscoting set in a '70's style diagonal that ran half way up on one wall. you can see a peek of it in the 3rd pic, and behind the toilet it ran vertically. After living with it as is for several years I painted it white, yes I'm that person. The vanity was made with the same knoty pine(which also got painted white) has a yellow laminate counter with one sink. The sink is chipping and rusting. The faucets are not the originals we changed those out a few years back. The tub/shower is a yellowing, almond color, still functional but ugly. It's all going!! DH's brother is a contractor and will be doing/helping us with much of this project, one thing being the dry wall mudding and taping!!!blogentry-369-0-37556300-1421761953_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-06953200-1421761963_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-94463400-1421762629_thumb.jpgblogentry-369-0-05855100-1421762642_thumb.jpg

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GOODBYE yellowed tub and shower! We won't miss you! :D


I actually think your diagonal white wainscotting does not look bad!!


Side story involving old wainscotting: My mother purchased her first house (as a single mom) when I was about four, and we didn't move again until I was 16. The bathroom in that house had a dark colored knotted pine wainscotting, vertical that went a little more than halfway up the wall with a ledge all around the top that served as a small shelf. I think in the right circumstances, that can look very nice. This bathroom also had a claw-foot tub, and white/dark blue accents, it was quite classy (from my child's eye view).

I don't understand why in your bathroom it ran vertical AND horizontal though :P


Perhaps you can hang on to the faucets since they aren't really old? How cool of your BIL to help you guys on this project!

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We just remodeled our bathroom too.  We have the exact same tub and chose to paint it white - ours was almond too.  It turned out great.  DH did it himself, it did stink really bad, but the outcome was wonderful.  Saved truckloads of money compared to buying a new tub.


Most of the other stuff we did (new sink/vanity and toilet) we purchased from a local salvage place.  New stuff just damaged boxes - discontinued things.  Saved a lot there too!

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The wall section next to the diagonal section shown in the pic the wood went in the opposit direction sort of forming a V.


In the third pic, that wall is shared with our bedroom and we have an alcove that has a dresser in it and there is empty space behind it so we are going to have a linen closet built in to it. I'm so excited about finally having this extra storage. It doesn't show in any of the pics but in the corner over the sink there was a bulky corner cabinet, again made in knoty pine that I painted white!!


The new bathroom will have floor to ceiling drywalled walls. Our vanity is in a dark gray tone and the sink is a Carrara marble look, not the real thing. The tub/shower and toilet will be in white. Yes I like white, it just feels clean and crisp to me. All our trim and doors in the house are painted white.


The faucet doesn't show in the picture but is very pitted and discolored. Plus we need 2 faucets because we will have double sinks.


I will post more pics as we make more progress. Tub will be in on Wednesday, then just need to get BIL here to help install it. Then we can get the flooring torn out, we will need new under laiment, there has been water damage to what is there. Hopefully we can get the closet and drywall done early next week.

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You are well on your way!


I dislike the tile in one of our bathrooms and the sink area is "tired." After doing lots of research I am going to paint the counter around the sink.


Use mostly what I already have but did have to buy polycryllic to coat the final paint layer with. Less than $10. It will go from a champagne theme to a dark chocolate "granite." :D


If the sink holds up, then the tile in the tub will be next. Not used for showers-have a walk in shower.


Keep your pictures coming!


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I still haven't posted before and after pics of our master bath remodel because we still don't have the finish work done. A year later. Sigh.

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