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2012 items in 2012!




I am jumping on the decluttering bandwagon and someone on here had the idea of doing 2012 items for 2012!


I have no idea if that is possible but let's pretend and give it a go...... ;)


My list will have the few items I can remember and then we shall go forward from here. And since there aren't really any rules, hmmmmm, donations would count, as would things I throw out with the intention of decluttering. Things that I would throw away because they are trash (I am thinking of the banana peel from my DH every day) will not.


Ok, so here's my start


Sat I sent off 5 books to sell to different book buying places (snowflakes SCORE!)


today I am loading 44 boxes of toothpaste along with 39 other household and H&B items to go to the church pantry. If they cannot use them they will get taken to a mission.


Also 28 bags of cat treats to take to the Humane Society. This is leftovers from the couponing that I did last year that didn't sell and I am not doing that this year.


So my total so far is..........116 items. WOW! And I thought I didn't have anything to get rid of.


Oh wait, I also got rid of a recliner, some curtains, a dvd player and a box of textbooks.(about 15 of those)


So that's 5 books

44 box of toothpaste

39 H&B items

28 bags of cat treats

18 household items

10 Cds, books, Dvds

4 boxes to ship items in

71 pieces of artwork going to recycling

13 bags from diapers (was keeping for the codes)

1 super cute baby tutu

1 padded envie for shipping


So that is a grand total of 234 things out of my house.

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