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Goodbye, Kay!



As of today, we now own 100% of my wedding ring :P

I didn't have any concern that we would not pay it off before the interest began accruing, but it feels SO NICE to have it off our plates permanently! DH's paycheck today was over $200 more than what we budget so we definitely feel $$ RICH $$ today! I even allowed him to take an extra $5 for a total of $30 blow this week to reward him... :wub:


$224.22 paid off Kay

$190 left in snowball to throw at the VISA


I am still choosing to 'pay off' the Doctor's Clinic bills via my HSA which accrues $115 every 2 weeks. Since we are on a payment plan with them for $80/month minimum payments, we should have them paid off real quick.


Off to update my siggy.. AGAIN, and the January debt payoff thread too *happy dance*

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Thank you! One of my wedding splurges that I would not budge on - I had to have peonies. I found a peony farm 4hrs away in Bellingham WA that provided me with 150 gorgeous ones way below florist prices!

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I love peonies too, and they have such a short blooming season here, but when they are in bloom they are beyond compare for their extravagant blooms.  I'm so glad you were able to have the flowers of your dreams.  Yours is one of the most beautiful bridal bouquets I've ever seen.  I love the simplicity which showcases the peonies' natural beauty and opulence.  :) :) :)

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Gelly, your ring & flowers are beautiful!


Can I offer one word of "advice" from the old married lady? I know you didn't mean it the way you wrote it, but be careful with your thinking that you "allowed" dh money to "reward" him. Honestly, HE earned the money. Yes, it is both of YOURS, not yours alone to decide who gets what. As someone with a reluctant spouse, I know what it's like, but I would never say I "allowed" dh to take money for working overtime--& for many, many years, he was the only breadwinner. 


Again, I'm not picking on you at all! Please just know that your mindset can, & will, effect your marriage (over everything, not just money).


You guys are doing great, both with your money & in your personal life! Keep up the good work :)

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Lol, along with Knit's comment, I wondered why her husband was getting rewarded, it seems like he's been dragging his feet and she's been doing all the sacrificing.


A devilish third side of the question wonders why newlyweds are using monetary rewards at all.


Congrats on the ring.


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Congratulations on the progress!


I was a very strong woman when I got married, an only child, made more money than DH, and already owned a home.  And I remember the struggle of that first year defining our relationship, always wanting to to get my way which amounted to trying to exert control.  In reality there was a bit of a power struggle.  You really need to develop and grow into a partnership.  That means working together to accomplish shared goals.


Keep thinking partnership.  Don't slip into parent/child mode.  I'm sure It is hard to avoid that if you marry someone who is immature or irresponsible.

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