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He finally gets it



This past Sunday my husband drove 4 hours to go see the grandson being born. Ok he wasn't in the room but at the hospital. She was having a scheduled C-section due to the little boy being breech. It was a 6am Monday morning. I new this would be coming soon so we have set a side money for gas, food, and a hotel stay. Now I was not able to get off work and we will be going down this weekend again.


My DH comes home last night and said that he only has $5 left for the week of his blow money. When asked why he stated "I had to eat". LOL I forgot to tell him he could use the debit card as I left the money in there. I did tell him there was this much for gas and hotel so watch the account. Also he stayed at the DD's house on the couch. Money saved on the hotel! He is finally getting it. I LOVE THAT MAN!! But now I have to refill his Blow Money with the eating out money or maybe we should just see how long the $5 will last him. There is pop in the fridge and we don't have any sporting events to go to. There is a few less days of work for him. MMM Maybe I will wait and see what he says.



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I would re-fill his money - reward good behavior :)  and tell him how much you appreciate his concern about the finances.

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oh my goodness, I just LOVE that you ended your post with a beautiful lil' baby picture. <3


Your DH did a great job couch surfing, too!

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Beautiful baby--congratulations to your family!  And good job for your DH.  Smooth sailing on the LLNOE seas seems to be ahead for you! :)

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