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New Year, New Goals!




So, we didn't make much progress last year in the debt department. Now DH's dad wanted to see what our debts were when we asked him about when our pay would be after the house sells so we could start snowballing again. He looked at the list (I trust him, he doesn't judge... at least not that I know of!) and he said he would give us $20k for debt. I don't understand, I don't know if it's a gift or a payment to Alex from the business that we'll pay taxes on. I would prefer the latter... Alex thinks it's a loan.


I'm going to see if instead we can just make sure Alex's pay covers our monthly budget and my pay after insurance and HSA contributions will be our base snowball. From there we can adjust monthly and try to add a snowball in.


Alex decided we should try to pay off $12k this year, we are looking at half or more of that coming from my income alone. Guess we've got to get focused!



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