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2015 GOALS (#1)



Here goes guys!


1. Money- KILL DEBT (lots of it!) and thereby increase net worth from -285K to >-100K

a. Family Budget meeting on last Friday of each month and more frequently if needed.

b. Fill cash envelops each month (or biweekly) .....LOVE the envelop system!

c. All additional income goes into snowball

d. Look for ways to reduce current expenditures (cellphones, ugh)

e. Track spending and budget at least every other day!


2. Enrichment- GET SMARTer and Spiritual-er ;)

a. Daily Devotionals

b. Listen to at least 1 book on tape per month (fiction and non-fiction)

c. Complete my required CEs (e-learning) for Board Certification (BC-ACP)

d. Sit for the exam in October (?) since job A is paying for it-this may move to 2016


3. Support DH with business

a. Help him do 1 marketing thing every other month


4. Health-GET FIT

a. Exercise- cut (get lean) until I reach goal weight and then maintain

-interval cardio 4X a week minimum

-weight train at least 3 times a week

b. Eat nutritious meals and stay within my caloric goal 6 days per week

-use myfitness pal tracker

-meal prep/batch cook every Sunday

c. Take Vitamins (if needed...I'll have to research this)


5. Balance

a. Family Board game night every other Friday or Saturday night

b. Find a free outing once a month to do with the kids

c. Date night with hubby every other week


I think that's it.


Let's see how we do!

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Your goals are good and I love you have listed specific ways to work to each goal.


Our library just started to offer books that can be downloaded to iPhone on app called OverDrive. Up to now I have been using audible. It should save us some money this year. Does your library have something like this?

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I have been using Overdrive thru my library for the past couple of years and it's great!  I find all my fiction selections thru them and some non-fiction as well.  I sometimes supplement with audible for hard to get titles like DR smart money smart kids.

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