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October Update



I can't believe its been a month since I have posted a blog so I figured I would update.


We paid off 1 loan and 1 credit card in the past month. Things are moving along rather smoothly. Hate to say almost too smoothly but after Septembers murphys maybe he has left us for a few months. Nice thing is the murphys are more of a small bump in the road then a huge mountain to climb.


Hubby couldn't believe it when we went over how much our snowball is if we behave ourselves and don't go off budget. November seems to be pretty much a calm month at least on the calendar it is.


I have quit one of my jobs. This brings me back down to 2. It was time I have worked the 3 for over 3 years now and my body is run down. We also went over the eating out and realized that has increase again and mostly due to me being to tired to cook and hubby to busy. So we will just watch how often we eat out and see if it make a difference with me not working. Also we are doing great and really don't need the extra anymore to survive it will just make our Debt Free date alittle later.


We have went back to having a date night since that is one thing also that suffered with me working so much. But our date money this month was needed for an extra football game that was not budgeted for. The Varsiety Football team that my son plays on had made it to the quarter finals so they not only played on Tuesday but also Saturday in the same week. They won so now they are on to the section finals Friday. We didn't budget this one since it is on the last day of the month and the day I get paid that money was for Nov so we just rearrange it a bit and got it all figured out. Now is they win it will be a different story and the snowball might be gone as the game will be 4 hours away. Guess we will wait and see. This is one issue I would love to have! :)


We did end up with a date night but it was done very cheaply. I made dinner in, no TV turned one and we sat at the table and talked. We then watched a movie I rented from the "Red" box in our town ($1.20). Then it was a nice relaxing hot tub soak before bed. Nice and cheap and the whole thing costed under $20, drink included.


Can you say we won with money this month!!!


I love my new life and my new journey with money!!!

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Sometimes we need to adjust our expectations.  Then we need to become creative.  You know, when you are the nerd in the family, sometimes creativeness is even more creative as my creative bone is short!  LOL


Good job.  I hope your body responds well to the new normal of fewer hours! 

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