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Small update



Thought I would do a small update on those dang murphy's that seem to like me lately.


1. Computer is fixed $70


2. water heater part should be here today. Love our "On-Demand" heater but hate the time it takes to get parts. This part is still under warranty so as long as that fixes the problem it would be $0 just more of a problem with having to take luke warm showers OK more like chilly showers for me.


3. Vehicle goes in tomorrow finally to see what that will cost. We were trying to put it off but its not making a really loud grinding noise once in a while and with me driving 40 miles everyday for work we can't put it off any longer. I could drive DH truck but I get better gas mileage and in the long run putting it off will only cost us more money.


4. and another murphy hit Saturday. DHs phone charger quit working. He did have to go and buy a new one but took it out of his spending money.


The nice thing is if we were not following DR we would have to put this on a credit card or not pay a bill this month to get these things fixed. So even if its a bad thing its isn't a bad thing as we are somewhat prepared.


Hopefully no more issues as I am tired of the Murphy using our spare room. :)

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Holy cow, that IS a lot of Murphy at one time!  Glad things are working out.  I was just thinking today, too, how things just become a real inconvenience rather than a tragedy when you have money set aside for it.  Go figure.  :)

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