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when will it end



The past few weeks have just not went my way. I am some of the problem the other is murphy.


So we have 3 times in the next 2 months that we will have to stay in a hotel.


1 is already complete, that was last week when we moved my daughter into the dorm. She is going to school 6 hours away and the move in times did not allow for us to do a drive up and back. Also we did that twice in June and it made for a long day and we pay for it for days later with our sore backs and knees. So we did a 2 day stay. This was all budgetted for and we actually came in $20 under. Now this did replace our snowball for the pay period.


2 is on the 13th of Sept. My son has a football game 4 hours away. The time they play once again does not let us do a drive there and back in 1 day thing. I am sure we could but driving late at night arriving home at 2 am is something I really don't want to do. I have bad night vision and my DH is staying up there to meet his son the next day anyway. All budgetted for out of our snowball.


The 3rd one is one that is still up in the air. The niece gets married in a town only 1 hour away. We have reserved a room knowing that it will be a long day and a late one. Now if the money is not there or someone can't care for the doggies then we will come home. Once again we can cash flow this. Just not sure if I want to as that is 2 months with a small snowball.


Then Murphy moved in again. :(


My vehicle is making noises. I have heard this noise before about 1 year ago and its something with a strut or something like that. It will cost about $200 to fix. Now I can put it off for awhile but not forever. Then yesterday I went to shower and the water was luke warm. DH checked the water heater and it looks like the heating element is going out. Nice thing is DH can do the work and it should be under warranty yet. Bad is if the warranty isn't 10 years like we think it is and we have to pay for one or it isn't that part. They say murphy comes in 3s right? well the last thing is our computer won't work. We can log on but when you sign in to a profile the screen is black. You can see the cursor and I did get a window to come up (no idea how and can't do it again) but the background is black. So that is off to the repair man since I pay most of our bills that way. Thankfully I am allowed to take my work one home and I can do a few things on that. But if the home one is toast well we will have to figure something out or it will be a long time before we get one.


Also with all the going ones I have not been on the budget. We did August but that was the last time we looked at it. DH thinks steaks and eating out when I am not home is the way to go. We really need to sit back and reboot and get back on the train.


I need a lashing ladies (guys too) so that I can really get back on. Think I am dragging my feet.


On another note I guess from my EXH we are the rich parents. I want to know where the money is at then if I am rich. LOL When I heard that he said this, not only from 1 kid but 2 I knew he was the one saying it. Think he is jealous! But wait he got the new vehicle and new shoes for all 4 kids (only 1 is mine). LOL sometimes the way people act and say things makes me giggle. I guess I have also heard that I am a money hungry person cause I work 3 jobs. I just laugh and say well I am not the hungry one but my bill collectors are. LOL


Ok enough rambling. If you are still reading I feel bad for you as this got long.


TIA for the lashings to get me going again.

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LOL at your ex and his comments!  It shows you are doing something right. :) Now get back on it and kill that debt!

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Have you been tracking your August spending against your budget?


This weekend is the perfect time to finish getting your September budget in order. . .

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Have you been tracking your August spending against your budget?


This weekend is the perfect time to finish getting your September budget in order. . .

No we have not been tracking this month. That is where I am off. We are going to sit down on Sunday or Monday and do the Sept one. Maybe I will brink it with tonight to the football game, we have a hour drive. We can start it then and go over it later on Sunday.

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