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So we are making slow progress with the deck. The lumber was purchased - it's just a matter of finding the time to fix it. I should also confess that we did fix the above ground pool. :-) I know this is a want, not a need, but it turned out we just needed a liner for $400, plus water for $900, and it would have been more of a pain to rebuild that part of the deck. (It's a huge oval above ground built into the deck). I also found a helpful website/forum that advocates using bleach, borax, and baking soda instead of costly chemicals from pool stores. The pool isn't perfect (we did it ourselves) since we were quoted $2500(!) to install the liner- but hopefully will last at least a few years, and provide our entertainment for the summers! It's also nice to jump into it after working on the deck!!


We are also having issues with our water - two tests have come back w/ bacteria, and we were about to purchase a UV light, when I had the Culligan guy over to test our hardness (there is an old Culligan unit from the 80s in the basement), and he asked us if we shocked the well with a full gallon bleach - which we did not - we used only a few quarts. So, we decided to shock it one more time with more bleach - and are praying that this does the trick!! We probably do need to deal w/ the hardness either way, but I'm going to look into other options before buying the 1200 unit Culligan recommended.


The other news is that we think DH has lyme disease. He is finally going to the infectious disease Dr today. His blood tests were negative for lyme, but I'm reading that this is normal, and that he may need a spinal tap to test for it. Scary. So, I put his 2k deductible in the budget, so I don't have to worry about cost. He has many of the symptoms, (tiredness, crabbiness, headaches, body aches, sensitivity to gluten, etc). which are much worse lately (including memory loss), and we think he may have had it for at least a year. He has pulled enough ticks off him over the years - however never had any of the any of the classic symptoms like a bulls eye, but I think I do remember him being sick last year... So who knows.


I really just want to get back to saving our emergency fund! And, we still have half a house to furnish!


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Yes I know it is not a need and I'm trying to be patient. Last year, we offered to host Thanksgiving for DH's huge family this year, so that is my goal to have some furniture by then. We haven't even hung any pictures yet! But, any house decorating will a fall/winter project since we are so busy outside right now.   Hopefully then we will have more time to find used (free) furniture, or build some.  We have a huge great room that currently has my tiny desk in the corner and that's it. (Our wifi router didn't work with hughesnet).


And we do have a 3+ month efund. I wouldn't be buying anything but a need if we did not at least have that!




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Only about 40% of lyme disease cases actually get the classic bullseye symptom, I'd be all over trying to find out if he has that with the symptoms he does have!

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The infectious disease dr. was a complete waste of time - he believes if you never had a bullseye and you test negative, then you don't have lyme. He said to start with his regular dr and rule out other things and go from there. Which makes sense. But, I'm just frustrated that we listened to the first dr, who wanted him to go directly to the ER for a lumber puncture. So we listened to them and went to the ER, and of course he was just given a blood test, which was negative. Obviously they are not going to give him a lumbar puncture right away. But, the first Dr followed up with DH and was upset that he didn't get a lumbar puncture, and referred DH to this particular specialist, so we wait two weeks, only to find out the specialist doesn't think he has lyme, and we should see a regular dr to rule out other issues. So, I'm frustrated!  If you refer a patient to a dr, you should at least know who you are referring to. There are terrible reviews all of the internet about his knowledge of lyme disease (which of course I didn't see until I was printing directions to get there).


In the meantime, he has given up gluten, sugar, and most carbs, and it does seem to be helping him. He has an appt in a few weeks with a dr but i'm hoping he can gt an appt with his regular dr - he had recently called his dr's office and was told they no longer take his ins, but i noticed they are still listed on the ins website, so I am going to try when he gets back from vacation to see if I can get him an appt. He really needs a dr. he trusts right now.

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Lyme disease treatment has resulted in a huge controversy in the medical field.  There are some states where, if a doctor were to treat Lyme with more than a few weeks' worth of antibiotics, that doctor risks his/her medical license.  A friend went through quite the ordeal after she moved to Portland, and a couple of specialists all but shooed her out of their offices as soon as she even mentioned Lyme disease (and she did have a positive blood test back home).


I hope you both can find some answers.  Not knowing what is wrong with you is awful to begin with, and it's compounded by doctors who don't seem to care.

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Thanks. I didn't realize it was such a controversy. I grew up in CT and live in NY and it is just very common.

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Yesterday, my sister and BIL gave us a treadmill. I had a free treadmill on my list, and a few weeks ago he helped a coworker move an "old" treadmill down a flight of stairs, in exchange for the treadmill. His coworker told him not to take less than $250 for it, since it is a nice one. So, he decided to give it to DH and I for our birthday/house warming gift. This treadmill is NICE. Really nice! I think he could have easily sold it over for over $1000 - they are still going for $2500 refurbished, and are listed at 5k new!!  It has excellent reviews online, and is compared to a 'bmw in the treadmill world.'


My BIL works for a moving company, and he is frequently given free furniture or has access to leftovers that no one wants. His garage is full of stuff, and he wants to sell things on CL, but doesn't really know how and my sister is not interested in helping. So, he offered me a deal - if he sends me photos, and i post his things on CL, he will give me 20%, AND give me priority to take whatever I need for our house free!!  I'd say that is a good deal, and an excellent way to start furnishing this house for free!  So, I am excited, to say the least!!


I would LOVE to get a job working for this moving company lol. What an awesome job perk!

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Day two of the couch to 5k running program!  I love this program! I can start w/o feeling bad about myself because I am out of breath. This program start sooo slow, that it is difficult not to go faster!


Also, a side note: I am trying a diet similar to DH's lyme diet (no gluten, low carb, no sugar), and it's crazy how much more energy I have after just a few days. I am still eating oatmeal for breakfast most days, but after years of overeating rice and beans, my body is ready for a change!

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