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July update on our lives




July seems to be one busy month this year!!!


DH will likely be transferred to a different department and have his work day/shift changed to eariler in the day (pray for NO afternoons!!!!). DH turns 40 and we've having a huge party later this month (shoot me now, why did i suggest this?) As i sit here i should be purging things and getting areas in order!! DH and I have been together 15 years today (yea at 36 i'm feeling a bit OLD!!)


I will be participating in the Biggest Loser with the Zumba class I take (should be fun). I want to add swimming to my weekly exercise rotation!!! Hoping i can find a time at the Y that works for me :) I want to do it to get healthier!!!!! Hoping DH will do it too (The BL)


I am planning to CHOP my hair off to donate it to Panten Beautiful lengths Monday if there is enough I'm close!!!! and I mean Pixie short!! If i hate the look i can just wear a hat!!


The kids are on my last NERVE and its been two weeks of summer break!! OMG the past two days have been ROUGH!!!!!!


Sort of just clipping along other wise!


DH and I are headint to the 100 mile yard sale in PA in a few weeks can't wait!!!


Early August is our week long family camping trip with the kids :)


Nothing else new :)

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Adding I swear I have gained two pounds since THURSDAY!!!! (no scale just a guess) OMG!!! This weekend is worse than holiday weight gain HA!!!!

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That is a big change with your hair style. I have worn mine long now for maybe 5 years, it doesn't seem to ever get long enough that I could do a donation, but it's past my shoulders. Going to a pixie cut often sounds tempting, but I'm lazy and would not want to have to maintain a short cut.


Nice update!

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I've been doing the short hair thing for about 18 months,  It is zero extra maintenance for me its awesome!


i can let it air dry or blow dry if i want a bit more volume (3 mins).

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