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The never ending project.........



We call " Moving Mom"!!! A few weeks back, I had announced the we were D O N E! I guess I should have said mostly done. We still had to bring all the crap we hauled to the garage to the dump, another 1200 lbs of junk!!! I just cannot believe there was still that amount of junk left to haul. There was also about 8 or so items that we brought to the reStore. That was completed on Friday. We finally asked at the dump place and they have a drop off once a month, for hazardous waste, gas cans, paint, fertilizers, etc. So I will have a load of that stuff to bring in July. There are about 6 five gallon buckets full of sand, that need to be brought and dumped at our city compost site. I think my Dad used them in his pick up truck for weight in the winter.


We are getting a bit frustrated with my Mom as she is taking her sweet time getting a crew in to do the carpets and cleaning. She could have had this all lined up weeks even months ago, now the couple of places she has called, there is at least a 2-3 week wait. She offered us $500 to do the work but honestly it's not worth it to me at this stage. We have already put so much time and energy into it all I just can't do it, as tempting as the money is. Plus those rental carpet cleaners don't do as good a job as a professional cleaning does and with 2 carpeted staircases, that's a lot of work. That's not even considering all the cleaning that needs to be done. I don't think she realizes how big a job it would be for us. She also hasn't called a realtor, who could come at anytime to look at the house, give her an idea of sale price and a plan for the selling process. She will be leaving for a week at the end of July for a vacation so hopefully she has these things done before then.


All this delay mean all the longer we have to take care of her yard. Our yard is already plenty to care for with out having to haul our mower and trimmer to her house and with our weather lately it needs mowing weekly.


It has really been a long process and not one I want to do again any time soon! I told my DH that this is why I want to keep our possessions to a minimum, so not to put our kids in this position when that time comes. We already live in a small ranch style home, first floor laundry, manageable yard work. It really is an ideal home for us as we age, part of the reason we have stayed here.


That's all for now!!!

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Is there a neighborhood high schooler who could cut her lawn for her? She could pay him & he would love it--win/win!

Good luck!! I agree--you are saints.  Try to take a deep breath & now leave things in her hands--esp if you can get her to hire someone else to do the lawn.

Hugs--wishing you a relaxing day today!!



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Thanks you, your all very sweet to say that!


It's possible there is a neighbor kid that could mow the lawn, I have never seen or heard of kids doing that around here, they would actually have a good market right around my Moms house, there are a lot of older people in the vicinity of her house. The other issue is they would need to haul their parents mower to her house, her mower is at the trailer. We are willing to take care of it for now, but if it doesn't sell after a couple of months she may need to hire a service and we are definitely not going to do snow removal if it doesn't sell by winter.


My sister and her DH are actually going to do the mowing this weekend so that is a welcome break. The funny thing about this, is my sisters son works for a landscape company, I don't know if they do small scale jobs like hers would be, but I find it ironic.

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Oh wow.. You have done so much! I will be happy for you when this is all over. Have you guys been putting the pressure on her (for the carpet cleaning, finding a realtor etc)? Is it possible that she simply does not know how much strain this is on you guys? Anyway, yes you are saints.. Wow!

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