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So, we closed on 6/9, and we are slowly settling into the house. I am overwhelmed, but I am just taking things one at a time. The house is gorgeous...lots of work, but it is just so pretty here. We just need more time to get things done. I haven't exactly figured out how I am supposed to work two jobs and take care of a house and 10 acre property (and have babies), but we'll figure it out.


Shortly after we closed, it hit me that I was approaching our goals the wrong way (repairs, 6 mo efund, 15% to retirement, fund several sinking funds, major repairs/renovations, then pay off house). I realized that instead my #1 goal is to pay off the house in 5 years. How we will do that, I'm not exactly sure. I know that it will involve replacing existing cars with beaters, keeping our lifestyle way way down, making peace with the negatives of the house instead of renovating, and just staying focused (and employed!).


So the new order is


-Repairs, appliances, etc. Just the bare minimum this house needs to be functional (and pretty) lol. We do need some furniture.

-6 month efund

-15% to retirement

-minimal sinking funds. I am in the process of making a spreadsheet of our appliances, roof, etc of expected life and replacement cost to get an idea of how much we will need.



So, that's my new goal. Just putting it out there. :D

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Awesome. If we had five more years in this house we'd be able to payoff the house for sure. I wish you the best of luck. I think with a goal like that it should be easier to stay focused.

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gmarie- so many things can be purchased at a fraction of a cost for the house. Time and patience is what you need to get what you want. Keep an eye out on craigslist and the like for the appliances and furniture you need. 


Knowing your goal and wanting to reach it is the most important thing. 


You can and will do it!

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