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D O N E ! !



We called it a wrap at my Mom's house. All the painting and work she wanted done is done. I was scrapping the bottom of the paint cans to get her closet painted only had enough for the walls, the trim is still yellow, but I'm done!!! If she wants more done it will not be by myself or DH. We hauled every last bit of stuff out to her garage, which was so much more then we thought. She can now have a cleaning crew get in there and do their thing.


Technically we still have to, haul away all the stuff we brought into the garage but that's just a couple hours work. And we will also still need to keep up with the lawn mowing and trimming until it sells but I can deal with that.


We are just both so burnt out with all this work on her house. It has been 5 long months. We didn't realize when we started that it was going to be mostly just DH and I doing all the work, but it is what it is and now it is DONE! Oh happy day!

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