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3 days until closing!



We received the hud today, and our closing costs came in a little under budget. So that is good! We will close Monday with a fully funded 3 mo efund, $2201 for house repairs, plus June's snowball.


However, June's snowball is not looking so hot with oil for both houses, 4 new tires and whatever extras are already in the budget. Also, I had been overlooking the fact that the school tax due date is September, so that increased our monthly budget for the rest of the year.


We do plan on grieving our taxes as soon as I have time to do some research after the close. I was told that you need to go in there fully prepared, do your research on comps and make a good case. Although it is an REO, it appraised only slightly higher than our price, so that should help. Also, our numbers do not include the basic star discount, which the previous owners were not getting since it was not their primary home.


But despite all of this good news,my anxiety is still at an 8 lol. We both have to work tomorrow, and are not even close to be finished with packing. Oh and our landlord says he's coming over to work on his tractor all day sunday (our last day to pack and get ready) and if we're home he would like to walk through the property with mark to go over things (removing our garden, etc). What great timing. And Sunday!?!? So ridiculous, but this is part of the reason we are leaving!

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Just left work. Soo excited to be off until Thursday!!! Also just found free doors on craigslist. One is a storm door and one regular, both glass which I wanted...One of our front doors is rotted on the bottom so hoping these fit, that would be wonderful!!!  Now we just have to find the time to pick them up tomorrow!

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Good luck for a smooth, easy, closing today! So exciting :)

How did it go yesterday with the landlord? Hopefully just fine!

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Thank you! 


Thankfully, the landlord called first and DH told him it's not a good time and that we can do it next week. He never even showed up to work on his tractor so that is good.

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