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Update with my Mom's house.



It been sometime since I have updated my progress with helping my Mom with her downsizing, move and getting her house ready for sale. She has pretty much settled into her new place. Most boxes have been unpacked except her sewing room. We hung her pictures and some decor. Her new couch was just delivered the end of last week. She will eventually replace curtains in at least the LR and her BR to match her stuff.


Right now she wants us to concentrate on getting her house ready for sale. Which we are anxious to do because as long as she still owns it DH and I are the ones having to keep the lawn mowed and trimmed every week. We finally got over there yesterday and started taking the wallpaper down in her bedroom. It is coming off very easily, thankfully. I am going back today and will hopefully get it the rest of it done! I took the curtains down that they put up after they wallpapered and I honestly don't know if they were ever taken down to wash!! They are so dusty and faded. It's funny the room side of the curtains are the original sea foam green, the window side is faded to gray/white. I really don't think they are worth putting back up, but I'll see what my Mom want to do. We were hoping to only have to paint her bedroom, the one with the wallpaper, and then the other 2 bedroom ceilings, but now that the house is empty all the woodwork at least upstairs looks very knicked up. I just don't know how far we should take it all. Do we just touch up the knicked up areas? Painting all the trim would be a huge job, not one I really want to take on.


If you can believe it there is still more items that will need to be hauled off to the dump and Goodwill. We are going to get it all out to the garage and then make one last trip when we're done with the inside projects.


So that's where we're at right now. Hopefully it sells quickly!!!!

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I am not in your shoes, and have no idea what the scale of work is.. but based on advice I have read around LLNOE as far as getting homes ready to sell.. I would still try to freshen up all the trim with new paint, yes. And fill in the wood nicks that could distract potential buyers.


Best of luck in selling the home quickly so you guys don't need to do lawn maintenance any longer!!

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How bad are the nicks? Is the trim stained or painted? Would you get your time/money out of painting the trim when the house sells? What is the time/money cost of paint versus new prefinished trim?

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After being told by a friend in real estate that she has had a deal fall apart because the electrical outlets were not the same color as the light switches, I would say touch up the trim.  I don't think that would necessarily involve painting ALL of it, though. You could take a chip (or chips, if there is more than one color trim) to a store like Lowe's or Home Depot and have them match the color.  That way you could sand, fill in where necessary, spot prime, and paint just the nicks and scratches. Some company even makes a spot primer in a tube that you daub on as opposed to having to use a brush, but it might not be practical for a large job.

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The trim is the wide trim you find in older homes and it is all painted white. It would be very expensive to replace. We are going to color match as close as we can and just touch it up, my Mom doesn't want to do it at all so that's the compromise.


This house is probably in the high $70K- low $80K price range, so most will not be expecting perfection. At this price point most people will expect to need to do some improvements anyway.


We got all the wallpaper down, I spoke to soon about its ease. I've had worse experiences with wallpaper, but also much much easier. This is a large room and had floor to ceiling wallpaper. The top layer had to be peeled off and then we had to spray the bottom layer and scrape it off. It took a total of 9 hours to get it all done. DH and I spent 21/2 hours on Wed and I spent 6 1/2 hours on Thursday. Then on Friday it took DH and I about 4 more hours of wiping and scrubbing down the wall to get the remaining glue off. I officially HATE wallpaper.


We will be going back today to paint. We spackled where needed so those areas will need sanding and priming. I also primed the water stains on the ceiling so hopefully they will be ready for painting today. At least with paint you get immediate gratification!!


Progress!! Yes!!

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Spent most of Saturday painting at my Mom's. There were some old water stains on the ceiling in all three bedrooms. The problem was long ago fixed but the repairs to the ceiling were never tended to. So we started by priming the water stained areas and then painted with a ceiling paint. We didn't realize when we purchased the ceiling paint but it goes on pink and drys white. It was making me nervous for a bit because some spots were taking forever to dry and I thought we were going to have pink spots scattered about the room. But as promised on the can it all turned to white.


We also got all the walls painted in the master, it looks GREAT! So fresh and updated. My Mom was wondering why she hadn't done it years ago!! We still need to paint her closet, it is yellow, we will paint it white. Then we still have the other bedroom ceiling to paint, we put one coat of primer on, it will probably need at least one more and then the paint. It is a tiny room so shouldn't take to long.


My Mom cleaned her fridge and oven and we hauled out some of the remaining things out to the garage. I think there is still some junk in the basement and the garage that needs to be hauled away. We will have the reStore truck come and pick up the 2 desks that are still in there and my sister needs to come and get the remaining LR furniture and dining table. Then she can have a cleaning crew come in and do their thing.


Of course the lawn needs mowing and trimming AGAIN, her bushes need trimming, the siding could use a cleaning, which we should try to get done before the cleaning crew does the windows!! Still lots to do!

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