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Less than a week until closing!



We are packing (finally)! We have a free truck/mover to use. Also received an offer from my bank to go down to 3.25% for $350. I wasn't thrilled about paying another fee, but it will save substantial money. We finally got to see a copy of our appraisal, and we are waiting on the hud, should have it tomorrow morning. It sounds like it will be less than I budgeted, but we will see!


On a sad note, a fox is just slaughtering our chickens one by one. We are down to under 20. We tried trapping the fox but apparently he is too smart for that. So, we have been locking them up all day instead of letting them out in their pen. They tend to find a way out, no matter how deep he digs for the fence. We really thought they were safe in there, but today DH went in to feed them/collect eggs, and there was 1 missing; and one dead inside and there was feathers/skin all over the place. We still can't figure out how the fox got in there- and got back out. He must have wedged himself in a tiny crack that DH had overlooked. Dh is very emotional... they really have become pets. And all of our exotic pretty birds are gone now. It is all just so sad...


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So sorry to hear about the fox :( Do you guys have a dog or something that can be let out in the area to keep watch? What about motion sensor lights, would those frighten a fox?

We paid for a lower rate too.. Worth it IMO!

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He comes in the daytime!  He is a mangy looking thing. Can't wait to move so we can build a better coop. If there are any left by then. Just crazy...

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I am sure this won't be popular on here, but I would be looking up local regulations to see if I could trap/kill the fox.  This is a nuisance animal killing your pets and food-producing animals and you are well within your rights (in most jurisdictions) to take care of the problem.

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Thanks - it is ok to trap a fox, and we did try (we rented one for a few days, put a dead chicken in there, disguised the trap... and nothing). But apparently foxes are smart enough to avoid the trap. DH doesn't have a gun permit (or a gun, obviously) or he would have hunted the thing by now! I used to think foxes were cute but this is just a evil/mangy looking thing. Although I would probably be a mess if he did find a way to kill it.

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