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Incredible how time flies by.




My last blog entries were the holidays and my fiancee and I starting the FPU class at the YMCA. Oh gosh, so much to catch you up on. If you're interested ;)


The classes went pretty well! It wound up being VERY small. 3 participants the first night, down to 2 people the following week and then the rest of the series it was just me, Ethan and the instructor. Which worked out wonderfully because we had so much one-on-one attention and we could talk about whatever we wanted to. We missed a couple sessions due to my cochlear implant surgery in February and the recovery.


Yes, I now have TWO cochlear implants! The first was my ® ear, Dec 2008. In Dec. 2013 I started talking to the audiologists again after my (L) ear's hearing aid was 9 years old and falling apart. It was either spend $2k-$4k on a new hearing aid.. Or look at implantation. I still qualified for charity care at the hospital in Seattle, meaning they would cover whatever my insurance did not. And I still qualified medically, being profoundly deaf in the (L) ear. So I felt I should take the opportunity.

Surgery went well and I now have a Nucleus 6 CI on my (L) ear. I swear, I thought I was losing an important part of me by losing the last bit of natural hearing that I had. But after a few weeks, I knew my decision was the right one. At work, being on construction sites, using the phone, doing conference calls and web meetings, none of that really bothers me anymore. I don't strain as much to hear things in noisy enviroments or on phones, in fact, I can hear pretty well! Sometimes too well. I actually get annoyed at certain loud noises now, and I say "what?" and "huh?" a lot less :D


Ethan & I are still living together and making our new house our home. We love it, and we love home-ownership. Sometimes it sucks, like when a satellite colony of carpenter ants started coming up from behind our dishwasher, and we had pest control come. But for the most part it's awesome, like trying to figure out where to build garden beds and starting our own backyard veggie paradise :D


Our jobs are still intact and we've both recently gotten raises. I am trying to always be better, learning processes, asking questions, and attempting to impress the new regional manager (ha!) by being helpful and efficient, so that I may eventually be considered for the next-up position. So, always something to work towards.


In gearing up for our wedding (June 21st!) we had marriage preparedness sessions/counseling with our wonderful pastor. He felt strongly that we should be married sooner rather than later, so we did, on May 11th [legally]. So we are husband and wife now, and I have to say it's been a wonderful first month. I still am looking forward to our planned dream wedding this month and the reception/party/family gathering portion of being married. And our honeymoon to the ocean :) Also, I read "Love and Respect" by (?) Eggerichs and it is SO good. I mean SO good. It's already made a huge difference in our relationship. Highly reccommended!


On the down side, we experienced another miscarriage last month at 11-ish weeks. After having had a viability ultrasound at 8-9 weeks seeing the heartbeat and healthy bean, it was pretty upsetting. Also, I opened a credit card to help pay for wedding 'things'. My mom was the only person paying for everything and my dad was unable to pitch in. So I felt guilty about her having to cover all of my "dream wedding essentials". The plan is to close it after the wedding is done and vendors are paid, and then have it paid off in a few months.


Our BEF is still intact and Ethan's been pretty good at making sure it stays full (like when we hired the pest control guy to spray our home and used BEF funds to do so, Ethan refilled the BEF on his next paycheck). Financially, I feel pretty secure in knowing we're both on the same page and have the same financial goals/desires. It feels GOOD. (yes.. even with some debt!)


I have been missing LLNOE. The wedding whirlwind has caused me to slow down on not just my usual online visits, but our social life too. I really look forward to that motivational feeling I get by visiting here, and getting back to debt payoff and wealth building again. And I also look forwar to life-after-wedding; I tell people that I am so excited for it to happen, but I'm just as excited for it to all be done! :P I should have had a short engagement.. It's exhausting! (But I love it too)


Well, that's it for now, and I look forward to getting back into the conversations around here. I just really missed this LLNOE piece of my everyday life, haha.

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Hi Gelly, so glad you took a few minutes to bring us up to date.  Enjoy your celebration!  And congratulations on the marriage--I wish you and your DH much joy on your journey together!

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My goodness a lot has happened in your life in the last few months! I am so sorry to hear of your miscarriage - that is a sad loss. With all that you have going on, please take time to heal yourself emotionally.


Congrats on your marriage and enjoy your "dream wedding day"! It was a little odd for me (16 years ago on June 20th) when the wedding was over since you spend so long planning and then it is over so quickly. :) I am not sure what time your wedding is, but our photographer suggested and took the greatest picture during our reception (about 9 or 9:30pm) with the sunset behind us since it was just the day before the summer solstice. Since you are about as far north as we are, that would likely work for you too. :)

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gazelle, that is a good idea! The event begins at 3:30 with the ceremony at 4:30 and dinner/reception following immediately. I realize it is on summer solstice so it won't be dark for a long time! I really want the outdoor string lights on during the reception with the dancing underneath the stars.. Well, that's likely not going to happen. The sunset sounds like a great idea. The event is up on a hill with the Hood Canal & Olympic Mountain range as a view. So I'm sure we'll be able to get some wonderful shots ;)

Thanks for your input and well wishes, everyone.

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Congrats on the marraige - I'm glad things are going well.


However, going into debt for a wedding is a VERY BAD idea!! 

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Congrats on your marriage! 


I also had a miscarriage in Jan and it was a similar timeline - normal early ultrasound, saw the heartbeat and then the first prenatal appt there was no longer a heartbeat. It was (and is)  much harder and sadder then I ever could have imagined.


Also, you should try Ortho Perimeter spray - it works very well and could save a small fortune the next time you need pest control.

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Congratulations on the implant and the marriage!  I'm so happy for you.  And I'm so sorry for your loss.


Now cut up that CC.  Your dream wedding essentials are everything that you can pay cash for.

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