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2 weeks til closing!



It just occurred to me that in two weeks, we will own a pretty yet affordable house on 10 acres! We have so much work ahead of us, and I can not wait to get started!!


We have had quite the experience - we almost lost the house over open building permits, but our amazing realtor FINALLY convinced the banks realtor to let us close them. We had the inspectors in last week and passed, so now just waiting for the paperwork and for our close date.


We have a 3 day weekend to clean up the yard on our rental, and start packing. Fun!

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haha yes it will be like our own country. If only we didn't have to leave it to go to work. :-)


I spent 6 1/2 hours alone at the house on Tuesday waiting for the electrical inspector with nothing to do except walk around, and sit in the sun and finish my book. The property really has such a great feel to it; I kept thinking to myself, that yes, I can grow old here. But, that will probably be the only time ever that I will have 6 1/2 hours to do nothing at the house but enjoy how pretty it is. . ;-)


We have so much to do but one thing at a time! 


I am currently waiting for DH to finish a dinner while enjoying some of the beer he made from a birch tree at the farm. It is delicious! 

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The co was faxed to our bank today. Now just waiting for our close date confirmation - but it should be 6/9. I feel so refreshed today after the 3 day weekend...I can't remember when DH and I both had a full 3 days off together - was definitely nice to spend some time with him without being stressed about work!  I didn't even log on to my pt job until late last night!  I am getting very excited about the house, and it's such a good feeling that we are finally moving on from BS3b. I am looking forward to finishing the 6m efund, and then move on to BS4. It's about time!

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