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Feeling overwhelemed




okay i'm not as groucy as before.


I have my coffee in hand and my paperwork ready to start typing.


I go about 25 ppl info entered and my eye get tired (over an hour).


SO i try to do that many at a sitting (141 to go!!!!)


DH's side job is a nightmare (three hours in and some parts won't come apart (lexus), he's yet to get the replacement parts in!! he'snot thrilled :(



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so dh's side job turned into 8 hours and he had to put it back together unfixed (he fees so bad).


side job two went fine


i have 98 more to enter now for data entry (going to do 20 tonight if possible and 20 tmrw night) then i'm out of town and plan to get the rest done hoe pnched and into the master binder before june 3rd!!!!


I've found i have a new food allergy of sorts (organic banana's).. i think its to the pollen in the foods rather than the foods its self.  GREAT!!!

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June 3rd and My massive data entry job is done.


Up next 635 phone calls!!!!!  Yeah i can knock out 25-30 avg an hour (hello many hours on the phone!!


It's a blessing do be able to do this work!!!

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