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Finally have my Mom moved.....



It's been a long haul, but she is finally at her new home!! The big move was on Monday, but prior to that I had hauled a few car loads of items and got some things put away. On Monday we borrowed a delivery truck from work and had my nephew and DD's BF do the heavy lifting. Then along with my sister and DH we got everything moved. On Tuesday my sister went over early and started unpacking items, I got done with work early and headed over to help. We were able to get pretty much everything unpacked, except what will be her sewing room. The cable guy was there early Tuesday and hooked up her TV, Internet and phone. She bought a new couch but it won't be delivered until the end of the month so she just has a couple of chairs to use for now. She has to keep her house looking lived in, as it is considered her main residence until it is sold, I think this is for insurance reasons, but not positive. So her dining table, an extra bed and some LR furniture that she is not keeping is still there. My sister will be getting the table and LR furniture eventually.


There are still a few things to sort through and get put away. Her desk drawers were just filled at random so those type of things need to be put in their place and then there is the sewing room that still needs to be set up. We need to hang her pictures/decor and put out her personal items making it feel more like hers. We need to get all her holiday decorations stored in plastic totes, because they will need to be stored in an area off her car port, no more basement. She wants to buy or make new curtains that will match her things, all that sort of fun stuff is left to do.


Still lots to do over at her house, wallpaper removal, painting and cleaning. I'll take her to get the paint supplies this weekend and get started!! DH and I already raked and cleaned up her lawn. So it's getting there, glad I decided to get started way back in February or things would not have gone so smooth!!


To be continued...................

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