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house update



update: we rec'd our mortgage commitment today! Also, our close date got moved back 1 week (it wasn't 120 days from the foreclosure date) which works for us since it just means we can save a tiny bit more ;-) We *should* start out with a full 3 month e-fund. We are so so excited. I feel like it's finally time to start planning! (I have been just taking it one day at a time) and avoiding making any lists or moving plans, etc given all of the stress of the last few weeks. Anyway, just wanted to update. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

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oh no, i just wrote a huge description of the house and somehow deleted it. I'm going back to bed!

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wait, i found it:


The property is just perfect for us. One day on the way to work we made a long list of everything we want in a house, and two weeks later this house popped up DHs email - and was *almost* identical to the house we put on my vision board! We saw it the next day, and made an offer a day later (on 4/15!!) Needless to say, that was a crazy tax day trying to get our documents over to our bank for a preapproval, sign and scan the offer letter while I finished up returns and dealt with the usually craziness of tax day.


First, the house is adorable. I still can't believe we found a cute house in this price range. It is newer (30 yrs old) and is 2000 sf; 2-3 bedrooms and over 10 acres! There is a wood stove that will heat our main living area in the winter, a gorgeous renovated master bath (although the bath on the first floor is right out of the 80s, blue tub and all), and a huge great room w/ a fire place (garage conversion). It also has a detached two car garage. The basement is dry.


The downsides: it has a tiny galley kitchen so no open floor plan. But we need to get a contractor in there to find out if we can open it up (eventually). But although the kitchen is small, it is comfortable and it does have nice cabinets, granite counter tops, a dishwasher, a built in microwave, etc.


Another downside is that the only staircase upstairs is spiral so we need to look into a real staircase when we have kids. We also have no idea how we will move our furniture up there. Also, the bedrooms are small w/ limited closet space, but that's ok.


Outside, the yard is a total mess so that will be a huge ongoing project. There are trees that need to come down and the deck needs to be replaced - and there is a broken above ground pool (built into the deck). But, once it is all fixed, it will be gorgeous! Also, the property is split so there are maybe 4 acres on the top (complete with a huge garden already fenced in!); and the rest of the property (cleared field) is below so when we do eventually start a small farm, you won't be able to see it from the house, which is nice.


There is also a small stream that runs through the property below, but I think it may dry up in the summer, but we'll see.


There is definitely a TON of work; but we are so so excited to finally be homeowners! Not to mention how nice it will be when I don't have to get my landlords mail or see a guy with a gun outside my window at 6 am!!

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You know what you will be doing for the next few years! One thing leads to another...sounds like you will really enjoy the journey. Congratulations!

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Yes, this will be our one and only hobby! I have been wishing for cable so I can watch hgtv and home improvement shows, but that would probably just get me to want to spend more money anyway! I told DH that I should start listening to DR everyday so I keep my perspective and don't get carried away with plans! Cash only! No second mortgages or home equity lines of credit for us! We just need to make a list and do one thing at a time until it is done! And start our house repair sinking fund! And, there is always the internet and pinterest for ideas. :-)


But, speaking of internet - I did find out that regular high speed is not available at the house. We do get excellent cell service, so we will need to use Verizon Broadbrand or Satellite Internet. This could be a major problem since I work from home, but I'm told that Satellite Internet has come a long way. It seems that the Verizon Broadbrand is really for people who have their expensive cell phone plans so I will probably go with the Satellite Internet. Still have a lot of research to do... And worst case scenario, I will just have to go into the office more...

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HGTV is about the only channel I missed when we ditched cable a few years ago. There is a place on the site to watch full episodes of some tv shows. House Hunters Renovations comes to mind when I think of you at this time!

There are a handful of free full episodes online to get you started! And then you turn their ideas into the frugal way.


Pinterest is fantastic!  Got a great idea for hanging shoes in the closet from a few pictures. Should only cost $5!

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Wow what a week... yesterday, I really thought we were losing the house over a permit issue and we FINALLY have permission to clear it. We don't think it will be a big deal to close it... it is a final walkthrough on a garage conversion, but geez what a ride this has been. But this should be our last hurdle and we will be ready to close. I am going to need therapy after this week!!!

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