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I'm sure you were dying to know...



....if I ever did that 5k. LOL.


We did it this morning and it was awesome! Let me be clear, I have never been a runner. When I started the couch to 5k 8 weeks ago I could literally barely run a minute. I almost gave up many times but I am stubborn and I didn't want to be a quitter. I kept at it and gradually got a lot better. Before today my best practice time was 36:30. My goal for today was anything under 40, with the secret hope I could break 35. We get there today and as soon as we lined up there was a huge clap of thunder and the skies opened up and it started pouring! Lucky for me I like the rain and I think the other runners motivated me as well. I did my first mile in under 10 minutes and finished in 32:34. I'm very happy!! I felt awesome for the first hour after the race and now I am really sore. The longest I ran without some walking intervals before today was 25 minutes,and I didn't walk at all today, ran the whole thing. So my body is a little upset at me but I'll manage. I placed 7th in my age bracket. Dh beat me by over a minute so he is happy too.


I kind of want to do a 10k now but they are a lot harder to find. I'll mull it over. In the meantime we are going to do another 5k in June.


Anyway it's totally off topic but thought I'd update.

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Congrats! What an awesome achievement. 


I didn't like to run until I went to college, and every since then I have had the bug to run :). It's a great way to exercise and enjoy outside. 


Keep up the good work. Soon you will be signing up for a half marathon. :)

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You're in Florida, right? Here in Louisiana, 10Ks and Halfs are a lot more common in the cooler months, and 5Ks are pretty much all I see on schedules for the next several months. I'm assuming that is similar for Florida also, so you might find more10Ks starting up around October.

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That's how it starts! I settled into 15Ks for many years. Couldn't run a block when I first started.


5K's are a good distance for a run that doesn't take quite as much time training for and actually running.


Congratulations for your stick to it ness. Just like your budget:)

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 Make sure you stretch really good tomorrow. I think after about 4 weeks I was no longer supersore after I ran. I just started running in July of last year and actually finished 6 miles a couple weeks ago. I never in a million years would have thought of myself as a runner. But we did it!!! Congrats for being a strong willed adult. ;)

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Pelican, you may be right about the seasonal thing. I can only run at like 6am this time of year, or else it's torture. The torrential rains yesterday were a God send because the race started at 830 which normally would have been pretty warm already. I did find a 10k at the end of September but it's at 5pm which in Florida could still easily be very hot. So I'm a little wary but might do it. I have a friend who is willing to do it with me.


The Disney races are very popular here so I looked it up. Every race except the full marathon is already sold out and it's in January 2015! Lol.


Our next 5k is in June but it's at 7pm and along a river so there should be some breeze.


I'm sore today. Luckily we have that hot tub!

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I've done RunDisney races a few times. The 10K for Princess weekend sold out within a few days. Some of their races sell out within hours. They are fun, but also more expensive than other runs of the same length. Their races open for registration about 6-8 months out; the Marathon Weekend races for January 2015 went on sale a week or so ago.


The Princess Weekend races are usually the weekend following President's Day. There is the Enchanted 10K and the Princess Half. Their site says registration will open at noon on July 15th. You can have them send you an email reminder. It will sell out quickly. I like the Princess weekend races because they are women-focused and there are runners and walkers of all levels from beginning to elite and it's a great atmosphere.

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Thanks for the info! I think I will sign up for the email reminder. Dh and I buy a 4 day park ticket each winter (it's cheap for fl residents and then we go one day at a time on off times when it's not too crowded). I'm pretty sure we were there last year during that race, saw a lot of people at the park with a running medal on. Might be fun to run and then do a park for the day.

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The Disney runs really are fun. I went with two friends for a girls' trip and it was a blast. everyone was in costume, and it was just fabulous!

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