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The toddler has stopped napping :(




she even refuses quiet time,


she naps about 20% of the time (one hr) and if shes not tired she yells and screams in there (shes quieter out her resting on the couch)


My work load just picked up about 30 hours of work to get done in the next month or so. 22 of those hours are phone calls (impossible to do with a three year old while sounding professional).


guess i know how my time with her at preschool will be spent the month o May!!!


PHONE CALLS!!!! 6 hours a week :)


I could hid in our room and make calls when dh is home on weekends too I guess :)



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truet me i know it's nothing "major"

but my day has been one of "many" at home parent "moments"


almost burnt dinner

thought i ran the dishwasher and went to unload if with still dirty

and a few other things LOL

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Hugs--I remember those days.

Let her rest on the couch--with a movie in & her blankie (or whatever lovie she has). Desperate times, desperate measures!

Again, big hugs!

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That's tough! My son napped right until he started Kindergarten, but my daughter stopped when she was 2. I died - I so thought I'd get at least until 3. You can do it mama!

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When my toddler stopped napping right at 2, bedtime moved up to about 6:30 most nights but  definitely not later than 7:30. Would that be a good time for you to do your phone calls?

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Ugh.  I feel for  you. DS stopped napping at 2.5 unless he was strapped into a car seat. Guess how often I drove around at 1:30 and would just park in front of DD's preschool and read a book for a little while. The hardest part is that there is liteally not a moment to get big stuff done. In your shoes, I'd call a sitter. A lot of college students will be getting  home for summer break in the next week. I'd call around and find one willing to babysit until she finds a summer job. It could be a sanity saver for you.

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Some kids just need less sleep, maybe that is yours.


I would look into hiring a mother's helper (like an 11 or 12 year old).  You will be there, so the helper would just be playing with her and keeping her quiet and occupied.  I am sure a trustworthy 11 year old would work for $5 an hour.

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My kids were never great nappers. Even when they used to nap it was never much longer than 1.5 hours: my friends kids seemed to sleep for like 3-4 hours in the afternoon! And mine were done before age 3 as well. To this day no matter what we've done the day before or how late they've stayed up, no napping of any kind. If one of my kids is asleep in the daytime, they are very sick!

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When my son stopped napping at 2ish+, we instituted "quiet time".  Our rule, was that he had to stay on his bed.  He could read his books, or play with his quiet toys, as long as it's on his bed.  While he wanted to play with mom and use up his energy, we kept at it until he could sit quietly for an hour.


I needed that hour.... as did his brother who needed the nap.  So although it may have taken a bit of time at the beginning and there was probably some crying, maybe even a temper tantrum or two, we did not give in and let the two year old run the household.  He needed that downtime to make him a happier kid for the rest of the day, even if he didn't sleep.... his sibling(s) needed the time to rest... and mom needed the time to get stuff done around the house.
He had quiet time until Kindergarten and that quiet time was used for his schooling.
I'm sorry that your daughter is screaming and throwing a fit, if you keep at it she will calm down (when she knows the fit won't work and she won't get her way) and you will be able to get some work done.
Good luck!
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Momto6, please let me know when your book comes out. I would love to buy it. You just seem to give the best advice in any arena. :) I always look forward to your posts. 

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I feel your pain.  We are on the cusp of nap refusal with the youngest and he is only 20 months.  The days when he successfully fights it off, he is a bear from about 3:30 on and doesn't go to bed until 7:30 or so, and then is so tired he can't or won't fall asleep right away.  Hopefully once the new playscape is set up (a "housewarming" gift from my brother and sister-in-law along with my parents) I will be able to wear him out enough in the mornings that the afternoon nap is not a battle.  I need that quiet time as much as he does now that I am in school to get a paralegal degree.  Without that nap, a lot of my study time goes right out the window.

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Ty everyone


Shes better if we dont put her in for her nap


Bedtume is now 630ish instead of 715.


Its just tough at tmes, rough winter not the best spring either,,. Ugh (weatherwise)



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okay she's over the grouchyness for the most part.


i still have hours of work to do (getting started in a min when my coffee is done).


A retired friend offered to watch her a bit here and there so i need to set that up when it works for them, hoping once a week for an hour or so through June (july dd and ds are at reading group about three hours a week and fun time for 2 so that gives me 5 hrs a week in july to get things done work wise (which is huge).

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