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Newest mouth to feed..........




Our newest mouth to feed: A therapy bunny for our oldest daughter's 10th birthday. He was $20 and came with some food, litter, and a massive indoor hutch. He is however quite spoiled and has specific opinions regarding food. He is litter trained so that is great. Hoping that after he and I do some work on his manners he will be a great fit for our daughter. She is autistic and has anxiety issues so when she is holding him and he starts to wiggle and yank at her shirt she freaks out. She however loves petting him and taking care of him. I get lots of bunny holding in these days, hubby says I bought the bunny more for me then for her ;) I can't exactly disagree........however she is bunny obsessed and has been researching how to care for a rabbit for months. Just thought I would share since we had discussed getting a therapy dog........Mr. Ralph the bunny was considerably cheaper and easier to care for then a dog ;)







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Yep for sure. He gets the urine in the box every time  but we have found some poop on the tray under the cage. There are doggy training pads on the tray as well as newspaper, so pretty simple to change out.

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He is only allowed to wander around when the two youngest are sleeping and he wont leave the carpet area so he is pretty easy to keep up with ;) He is pretty darn cute hopping around :)

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Super super soft, especially that area right behind the ears :D 


My husband tried to hold him for the first time today and lost control and had to be rescued. Apparently the rabbit can sense when you don't know what you are doing because both dh and dd are having trouble with holding him. He acts perfect when I hold him. He however lets them pet him when he is hopping around so I think we will just work around the holding part for now. Dd is loving having him. Today was science class and they were in the woods hiking and looking at different species of plants (and eating the edible ones). So she picked him some grasses and sticks she thought he would like. He went a bit nuts over the fresh grass (I think he has only been getting hay) and that made her day :)

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Mimi -- make sure that he gets plenty of timothy hay (it's absolutely necessary for their gut) as well as a pelleted rabbit food and a selection of fresh fruits/veggies. Make sure to look up what fruits/veggies are ok, some of them are toxic to rabbits (iceberg lettuce for one).


From a medical standpoint, the most dangerous things to bunnies is GI stasis (where the gut stops moving) which is most often due to an incorrect diet and fractured spines (which happens usually if the bunny freaks out during handling, they can kick so hard they break their own backs). In the vet clinic we coach people to never pick up a bunny without having support/hold on the back legs for this reason.


Have fun with your new family member, rabbits are great!

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He does get timothy as well as the pellet food. He however hates the pellets and eats the yummy stuff out of it first and then gets to the pellets. The kids.are not allowed to pick him up or feed him without my supervision.

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One word of advice:  made sure the kids don't let it out when you aren't around.  I had a friend whose bunny basically destroyed all the wood items (including baseboards) in their house by chewing on them.  It was a bunny obsession and it would do it whenever it was let out.  Wouldn't want you to end up having to pay base housing for bunny damage!

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Hehe trust me I thought of that! No one is allowed to take him out but me and they know that. They do love to chew!

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I had a bunny when I lived in college.  He was litter box trained & did all of his business in his box.  After about 6 months, he learned to jump on the bed.  If he got mad (like when he was caged for more than an hour) he would hop on my bed, back up between my pillows & pee.  OMG rabbit pee is awful.  After the 3rd time, I gave him away.


And no, I wasn't supposed to have a bunny in my dorm room, but thankfully the bug man never turned me in.  

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