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Today I'm thankful for...




  1. DH got a raise!!!! The company clamped down on raises about three years ago and reduced bonuses about two years ago, so we're very excited by this merit raise and we've heard that company performance bonuses are in the works! This is really perfect timing on so many levels. Also, DH was told recently that next summer he's eligible for a paid month-long sabbatical. This time will not take away from any of his PTO.
  2. After a frustrating couple of days with my hormones (and my ever growing body + general achy-ness), I've been overly emotional from real and/or imagined wrongs. I am learning to communicate to others when I need help. It worked great last night - I got the help I needed and I didn't break down into hysterics. ;)
  3. After a week (or a few) of feeling down, I'm finding renewed peace and contentment with life. I've been able to let go of stress and I'm more productive this week than I've been in a few.
  4. I'm thankful that everything is still going smoothly with my pregnancy and that I'm nearly 27 weeks already! It's going by so quickly.

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I never feel like I have a good reason to be anything other than perfectly happy all the time -- I have a pretty great life -- so when I feel out of control over my emotions it really bothers me.  But, I'm back to normal.  :)  I'm sewing again, so maybe that's part of my therapy.


I can't wait to see the new take-home pay.  Raise is effective in three weeks, only two weeks after our last child support check.  Timing is truly amazing here.

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Today's list:

1. DS's orthodontic consult was today --- and while he has very large "two front teeth" and will need to have two teeth pulled, the Dr. thinks we should wait 6-12 months and re-evaluate before pulling them.  She thinks the bottom teeth will work themselves out as he grows.  He'll probably still need braces, but not for another 5-6 years.  But the good news was that when he goes to his dentist appointment next week he won't need any teeth pulled (YAY!).  They didn't charge me for the consult -- maybe because it was our first time? 
2. The weather is beautiful today, so after the appointment, I took the boys out for brunch in the park before dropping DS back at school.  I love spending time with my sweet boys. It was fun to play hooky for an extra 45 minutes. :)
3. Dinner is easy tonight (repurposing leftovers), so I'll get some sewing in during my usual prep time. 

4. Teen found out yesterday about more financial aid that she's getting, so now she is officially getting paid to attend college instead of the other way around! 

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Carrie, I would really seek second opinions about pulling. I have a tiny mouth (they use children's X-rays on me) but my parents found an ortho who made my teeth fit. Dd has had phase one of her braces, which included a palate expander for her tiny mouth. There will be no pulling, our ortho doesn't pull at all. I think it is a pretty old fashioned way to straighten teeth, though I am sure it is cheaper and probably eliminates the 2 phase system.

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An aside - they have children's sized x-rays!  I must ask my dentist about that, the ones they use on me hurt!

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My dentist also takes digital x-rays, but there is still a thing in my mouth.  And when my mouth is closed it is pushed rather painfully against the roof of my mouth.

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I don't see how they could possibly make room for two of his teeth.  His two front teeth are taking up the space of four teeth!  But the two teeth that have nowhere to go still don't have half-formed roots yet, so there's no rush.  We'll re-evaluate over the next year or so and if he's grown much, maybe they can do spacers instead.  We're so relieved he won't have any pulled in the near future.  He has one small filling to get next week (sniff, sniff, makes me so sad) in one of his molars.  I think it's pretty much a given that he's going to need braces, but the orthodontist said she'd like to wait until he's 13, so that gives us time to prepare.  I never had braces (or cavities/fillings), so I was spared all of that myself.


I ended up not sewing yesterday evening, but I did get some nice reading time in.  So far I've read 20.5 books (all for free from the library), so I'm right on track for my goal of 50 free books for the year.  :)


I think I'll go sew for a while right now.

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