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I may have jumped the gun.....



With our temps getting into the 50's over the last week and our snow rapidly disappearing, it seemed that spring was finally here!!! I decided I would transition my closet from winter to spring/summer. It needed a good cleaning out anyway so Friday morning I cleared the closet completely out. I don't have a huge wardrobe, everything fits into my closet and it's not a walk in one either, but I do have a hanging rod, some shelving along one side. I do not have a dresser, this is it, so the winter clothes need to be stored, when the summer stuff comes out!!!


I got rid of a few things, they are perfectly good, but I just was not wearing them, so off they go. I ended up with a medium size tote filled with 2 pair of the tall riding style boots, 2 pair of shoes, some sweaters and cardigans, and some leggings, that went into storage. There are some things I keep out year round like jeans, long sleeve T's and sweatshirts.


Then onto what came in.......shorts, capris, sandals and fun summer tops!!!! Most of my summer clothes were bought new last summer as I had lost about 40lbs. I did not watched my diet so close over the winter, but started taking classes at the gym, so I was nervous about what was going to fit. Everything fit!!!! It was like Christmas and my birthday all in one!! The summer stuff takes up so much less room so my closet looks pretty bare right now.


Where the jumping the gun part comes into play is our forecast for next week. We aren't suppose to get over 40 degrees with rain and snow showers all week!!!!! BLAH!!!! I don't care I refuse to bring the drab winter stuff back out!


Anyone else need to make the winter /summer clothes transition? Or sick of dealing with this never ending winter?


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You sound like me. I don't have to transition stuff, but after a certain point I just refuse to wear winter stuff anymore. Today, I wore a cute spring-y dress to church. Spring is here as far as I'm concerned!

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I am in tthe middle of making the swap for.my kids. I left the long sleeve t-shirts and jeans though. I have so few clothes that my winter and summer stay out year round.

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I don't ever do a transition - all the clothes I own are out all the time.  It's not rare for me to wear flip flops through December... but we've also gotten cold fronts as late as April where sweaters would be handy.  

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I am with Carrie.  Of course almost all of my clothes are work clothes, which are the same year round.  Why wear fewer clothes in the summer when they keep the same exact temps in the office year round?  I'd freeze!


Really, I have less than a drawer worth of dedicated summer clothes, so it would be silly to put that away for half of the year.

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I am with Zaga and Carrie, especially since I've moved to the SE.  I do have a dedicated bin for "cold weather" biking clothes, but that lives in my closet all year 'round. 

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I was totally going to do the same this weekend - but then I saw our forecast this week.  ha!  I plan to do it next weekend.  


It's been absolutely marvelous having days in the 50's and 60's the last week.  I'm okay with 40's this week - it's better than the @#$(( we had over the winter!

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My entire wardrobe is so small, I don't have to put things away for the different seasons.  Plus I wear short sleeved shirts year round.

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So I wake up today to 3" of snow on the ground already and it is coming down like crazy. The forecast says 3-5" but we will get a lot more than that by the time it's done. There are school delays all over the area, wouldn't be surprised of they get canceled.


I guess I will need to at least dig out my snow boots for today. :(

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It helps that my wardrobe doesn't even include snow boots or any real winter gear -- makes it much easier to not have to do a season switch-out.  

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I have gotten to the point where I keep almost all of my wardrobe readily available--makes it a little crowded in the closet and drawers but most of what i own I wear nearly year-round.


When we were in Texas for our DD's wedding last month, I lost my favorite lightweight jacket.  I have been out shopping trying to replace it and can't find anything I like...I'm having to resort to layers right now until the temps settle in.

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I just don't have enough storage for even the very minimal amount of clothes I have and I don't like my space cluttered so it needs to be stored. Plus it's kind of fun bringing your stuff out each season, feel like your getting new stuff when you don't see it in your closet all year long.


We have talked about adding a full height built in where DH dresser is, then I would have some drawer space. Come to think of it I'm going to look for some plans on how to build one!!

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