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What A Difference A Month Makes!



My DH has been struggling over the last several years to find a good company to work for that he fits in and pays him commiserate with his job performance. He's in IT and had worked for one company for nearly ten years and left because there was no chance of further career development. Unfortunately, when he left he found out just how difficult it is to find someplace to work that actually appreciates you and can afford to show it monetarily.


So that last place he worked he really liked his co-workers, but he had not been granted a pay raise in the 3 1/2 years that he was there. He had told his department head repeatedly that he was due a review and felt that he was severely under paid for his position, especially considering the quality and magnitude of his work. While his department head was sympathetic his response was always that the money just wasn't there. This while my husband watched as they spent tens of thousands of dollars on painting rooms and putting in new floors and updating a conference room they didn't even use. Needless to say his boss wasn't all that surprised when he gave his notice.


In December he began a position at an accounting firm. He would be in charge of all there IT needs and even some of their clients software issues. As often seems to happen, it was a baptism by fire as they were right at the beginning of tax season and had been without any IT support for several months. It was rough, but he persevered and really liked the people he was working with. Then in May they commenced their annual reviews. When it was time for him to have his review, he was shocked to find that on a scale from 1 - 5 he had received mostly 3's and even some 2's. Granted he wasn't expecting 4's across the board; but, one here and there would have been in line.


So, last month at this time he was feeling very discontent and even a little worried that he wasn't going to make the cut next year. I mean, if he was giving them his best work, and he wasn't even meeting (much less exceeding) there expectations after just 5 months, what would they expect from him next year? So, I convinced him to go and talk it over with his supervisor and just maybe get a better understanding behind her reasoning.


I am so glad he did. She told him that she was not basing her grading on her expectations when he came to work, but on what her expectations are for him for the future. When he pointed out that that was a little unfair, she agreed to re-evaluate him. He didn't hear from her again concerning the annual review. Then yesterday, she handed him a bonus check and told him would be receiving a raise starting next pay period!


Well, as you can imagine DH was through the roof with joy. I mean, after three and a half years with no raise or bonus whatsoever, this meant the world to him. And, I can't tell you the peace of mind I feel knowing that DH has finally found a place that appreciates his hard work. So, really, this long post was just my way of saying... I AM SO PROUD OF MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!


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