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2 week countdown!



Wow, I can't believe it is April 1st!! Only two weeks left until the end of tax season! It has been an interesting season - so much different than the last firm I was at. I just submitted my time sheet for 137 hours for the last two weeks, and I've also been putting in about 10-15 hours week at my part time job. I am ready for a break! (And some house hunting)! I posted in the bs3 challenge that our snowball was 5124 this month, putting us at $20058 total savings (not including efund). So, we are "only" $17442 short on our goal of 37500.


I still have to do our own taxes, and we will owe, since I was planning higher HSA/traditional IRA contributions, and I've since decided that I am treating this 37500 goal as "debt". Still, I should know better than to put myself in this position.


I am sooo ready to buy a house and get out of here!! It helps my gazelle intensity that 95% of our mail is now for the owners, which makes me furious every time I get the mail. (We have to sort and deliver weekly to "their" side of the property, so they can illegally claim a property tax exemption as if they live in the house). Not to mention that he is on the property almost daily and I'm sure it will be even worse in the Spring... Soo frustrating!


I feel confident that we can save the 37500 and find something and close by late spring/early summer. We just need to stay focused! (And I need to keep working full time plus the part time job!!)

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The situation with your place's owners would drive me crazy, too.  What an invasion of privacy.  Plus just some guy I don't really know hanging around would give me the creeps.  I applaud your drive to get out of there ASAP.

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YIPPEEE!!! Two more weeks!


I admire you for working a part time job in addition to your very full time job!!

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Thanks, it helps that DH is so understanding and has been doing 99% (ok 99.9999) of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. But, as understanding as he is, I can tell he has enough of it. I would have loved to be able to hire someone to clean, but obviously it's not in the budget! Maybe next year!

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And I definitely have some renting horror stores. Like the time I was home sick in bed and a contractor just walked in my apartment after knocking twice. Or the day I was in my underwear in the basement and I happen to look up and my landlord is in the window watering the stupid plants. (and this was in a house where lawncare was part of our rental agreement). Or the one who didn't "allow" Christmas trees. But, there was the one who owned a produce shop, and would give me the most amazing oranges when I paid my rent!


To all of you landlords out there: please at least respect the fact that your renters are entitled to their privacy!! You need to give them NOTICE (24 hours to be exact) if you plan to enter their homes or hang out by their windows!!!

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