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Just another day on the way to debt freedom



Figured I better update since its been over a week.


Murphy can back on Saturday in full force. My DH went to the "city" to go truck shopping with the DS and while there he ended up driving over a metal bar that puntured his tire. The hole is so big that they can't plug it so he is in need of a new tire. Thankfully my husband is a horder and has a set in the garage that he can put on, so this will only cost us about $20 for them to be mounted. He will help so that is why it is so cheap. Then on the same day my DD 19 called and said the car she has been driving (the one I bought from her since the insurance totaled it and she has not yet found a new one) wouldn't move forward. Thankfully she was at home in front of my house and not at college. DH has to check into it but sounds likes the tranny is shot. She took my truck back to college and I borrowed my mothers truck. So there goes my cheap car to drive back and forth to work when my office moves 17 miles away. NO MORE MURPHYs PLEASE!!!


Ok we did have one more murphy but we can deal with that. My DD 18s truck was backed into. They kids parents are paying for it so not on us, thankfully.


We are on track with the bills, getting close to paying off another one. Just need to wait till next week when DH gets paid then I can through the snowball.


Rentals are on track and that account is coming along nice. We have seperated that with our personal stuff. So all the bills now come out of that checking account. Just paid the plumber off this month. Next month is insurance and May is taxes. We should have plenty for all bills with a good start on the BEF.



I think I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.


On another note how do you tell someone to stop complaining and get your finances in order? My SIL posted on FB today that she was tired of working and barley paying the bills. They have 4 boys, my DB has 2 boys (15, 11), SIL has 1 boy (9), and they have 1 boy (1yo) together. They both work full time, she is a RN that works for a home health agency and he is welder at a local general machine shop. When she got her RN degree she went out a bought a BRAND NEW 2013 pickup and still brags about it. They are always going on trips, staying in hotels, and the what not. I really had to bite my tounge today when she started complaing. I so want to tell her to sell the truck, they have 3 other vehicles (2 pickups and 1 car). Also to stop the spending and things would get better. She is young and one of those people who don't take advice well. So what would you say to someone like that? Would you just keep biting your tongue?


OK only one more thing.


My baby Sister who is expecting is at 13.5 weeks and is doing great. She started feeling better with the morning sickness and has a baby bump. I have not seen her yet since she has told me but I will this weekend! Can't wait!

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