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Spinning our wheels



I feel like I am sitting her spinning my wheels. I can see where I need to be, I know how to get there. Yet I am not moving. I quess its better then being in reverse but I am so tired of this.


I just feel like if it can go wrong it will. Like my DH said, think murphey knows its tax time. We seem to have one Murphy thing happening after another.


1. washer breaks (ended up being the Pump) $250 estimated. Final bill not in yet.

2. Frozen pipes in our rental house. DH could fix so only $50 in parts

3. Furnace went out in same rental house. That's what cause the frozed pipes. Bill not in yet thinking $150.

4. battery in my vehicle dies ($89)

5. Find out last loan company didn't pay taxes and insurance like they said they would ($400)


I think that is all. I feel I am forgetting one or two things.


Nice thing is we had our snowball and tax return so we have not had to use our BEF yet. The 2 bills are not in yet for the repairs so hopefully they can be paid with the next snowball.


That is why I feel like I am just sitting and spinning my wheels. I know this stuff can't last forever and we will soon move forward but I am so sick of this.


My DH had to tell his X-Wife that he can't help his daughter with any bills this month. DD is going to school and is in her last semester of Pre-Med. She has spend my of $100s applying for Med schools and can't seem to get in. She gets interview and even second interviews but nothing yet. She is going over her monthly income and has asked her mother for help. HER mother then comes to us for the help. We feel bad that we can't help but like I told DH we come first. We have to be able to pay our bills, DD will have to learn she can't spend outside her means even if it means not applying to med school till next year.


So I am feeling alittle down this week and just can't seem to cut it.


On the positive side next week my DH should have a AWESOME check. He usually puts in 42.5 hours a week, Last week he did almost 57 hours and this week they are projected to do the same. I know this week can change in a hours notice so we are not planning on any extra until its worked. But with just last week he will have huge check if the wonderful Goverment doesn't take it all.


Well if you are reading please I need words of encouragement to make it to next week.


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You said a lot of the right things yourself already, but I am happy to say them again. This is just temporary and Murphy will eventually move on. He will soon realize you are just too strong for him (cashfflowing all these Murphys, not even touching the BEF, awesome!) Maintaining your progress is a victory in itself; don't forget to celebrate that. Also with this big check coming maybe there will be a few extra dollars to throw at the step your on. Even an extra $1 or $2 just to remind yourself you are in the game and playing to win. Don't let Murphy psych you out; you totally got this!  

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You should celebrate that your husband works in a position that pays him overtime. My husband works 50-60 hours/week and is salaried. It's great that your husband's extra efforts are rewarded. Realize that things run in cycles. You just went through a bumpy one, but it will pass and you will start to see progress in your journey very soon.

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As the Dowager Countess on "Downton Abbey," Maggie Smith gets the best lines in each episode. Here is something she said to her granddaughter Edith that I think we all need to remember: “All life is a series of problems which we must try and solve. The first one, then the next, and then the next, until at last we die.”


Not the most cheery sentiment but a good reminder that we don't chug along until we at last reach nirvana. It is only how we chose to rise to each occasion that we can improve upon. Good luck to you, dear.

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I'm sorry things are rough for you right now - but look how you've managed without touching the BEF and not adding debt! You'll catch a break soon - and you'll feel the forward progress!! Just keep trucking and try to keep a positive attitude!!

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Oh my I love Downton Abbey!!!!!  hahaha she is hilarious...loved Maggie Smith in Harry Potter, but love her more as the Dowager!!!


Just wanted to add that your step-DD might want to approach some of her current professors for guidance with the med school interviews.  Something is turning them off and she needs to find out what it is.  Could be her interview skills.


Do you guys have a savings acct set up for the rental?  Had it not been tax time would you have used your snowball for the repairs?  Just curious.  We had a rental and this was the main reason we sold it.  Had enough issues making repairs to our own house.  

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Most doctors only got into one medical school. I dated someone while he was applying (Harvard, top test scores, high GPA) he interviewed at 20 (as you said you have to get asked to interview) he got into one. My dh didn't get into any, applied to 20, wait listed where he ended up going, off the wait list a few weeks before school started. One of dh's close friends applied for four years before getting in to one school. He is now a leader at one of the largest NGOs providing health care in Haiti and a professor at Harvard. I say this just because I think most folks don't understand how hard it is to get accepted, even with high GPAs and test scores from elite universities. So it is normal that your step dd isn't in yet, and a good sign she is getting interviews.


I get that you can't help her financially now, but waiting until next year just means starting over and paying the application fees, transcript fees and travel all over again. It's a grueling, expensive process.

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And honestly, unless you are very wealthy, there is no way to go to med school within one's means, applications on down. People who think you can get out of med school without debt don't understand the costs and requirements at all.

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If you can't pay your bills then I agree that you can't send money to your daughter, but I disagree that it's as simple as "just apply next year". Honestly this is a pretty big deal.  There is no way I'd wait another YEAR to apply to med school over a few hundred bucks.  Again, I'm not saying it's your responsibility especially if you can't afford it but I would be encouraging her to get the money somehow, not put it off a year.

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Thanks everyone. I am feeling better today about everything. It sounds like the OT may continue into next week yet as they are not getting caught up.


Great lakes girl, my DH is like 3rd in command at a small manufacturing plant. They have asked him to go salary but he tells them no unless its at a set rate for 45 hrs then ot. So far they wont do that deal so he is still hourly. Times like this its good but around christmas it sucks as its the slow time of year for them.


I didnt mean to say we wouldnt help her but we needed to help our selves first. We did talk about some ot going to help her out. She hates to ask for help but we knownshe is strapped too.

She is the one that said she will have to take some vlasses over nezt fall and the reapply nextbyear. I guess you can only apply in the winter as they only start in the fall.


Jeff102, she has said how hard it is. She has a 4.0 and is still having a hard time. I guess she takes tests for each schooland it depends on the score. So where she is testing low she will redo those classes. The girl has the drive and wont stop till she gets in.


Thanks again everyone.

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When things like this happen, I always think of what DR says about getting gazelle intense - that you WILL be tested.  I think he's absolutely right.  We're facing similar issues.  It's a test.  


However- look how much you've kicked butt on facing those tests!  You have a plan, you have a BEF if you need it (and YAY YOU for not having to touch it yet!), and you'll get through.  


A couple of weeks ago, when I was saying how much it sucked that our car broke down just as we were getting set to pay off a card, and how I felt like we didn't have traction, someone said to me, "You do have traction - you are working the plan, and it's working for you now."  I think of that a lot.  :)

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