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I posted in the BS3 challenge that my snowball is $4113 this month! I would love to hit 5k+ next month.


I am probably delusional if I think we will have 37500 saved by Spring, but we are projected to have at least 20k (plus our efund) by the end of April. Not sure how we can come up with the extra money by Spring but stranger things have happened and it all adds up!


I even received a random check in the mail two days ago - $12.72 for a "passport refund" from the US Treasury. I rushed a name change last summer, so apparently they decided I was overcharged and sent me a refund 6 month later. Love getting random checks in the mail! And, yesterday I went in to work at 7:30 am (and really only because DH had to be in at that time) and my boss thanked me for coming in so early and handed me $100! Not a bad way to start the month!


However, we are taking cats to the vet on Monday so that will put a dent in the budget. I prepaid for a year of vet services for the kitten (moment of insanity, don't ask), so her visit will be "free", but I'm worried about the older sick cat. I'm considering the adult cat program for him - it would cost $421 for the year (which is wayyy less than the kitten program) and includes his shots (will be due in Nov and quicken says we paid $103 last year), bloodwork (normally $160 for baseline bloodwork), and urinalysis/fecal exam (no clue how much this would be), and also unlimited office visits (around $50). Since he is on the pepcid, I also read that he needs vitamin b shots and maybe this is why he looks so different to us lately. He just looks very unhealthy/skinny all of a sudden. Dh thinks we should skip the program and just pay for each service as we go, but I kind of like the idea of unlimited office visits so we can get him weighed and checked out more often, and try to get his issues figured out... It's kind of hard to weigh a cat on the wii fit lol. I also am hoping to get them switched over to the homemade diet soon.


I also need to figure out what is going on with my cough. I had bronchitis in Dec/Jan, and I STILL have a nasty cough... I'm very wheezy, with uncontrollable coughing at night or when i get really stressed. But, I haven't been able to call the Dr since I'm working 10 hour days at the accounting firm (in addition to 15 hrs/week at my ebay job) and I am almost out of minutes on my phone, and I don't want to pay the $100 to renew it - I'm thinking that I can go a few more months w/o the phone, I rarely use it anyway. But, I'm working from home on Monday so I will finally call.


I'm also having a hard time the last few days about the baby. It's been hard for me to move past it... every time I think about how I need to get my diet back in order, start working out again, (I had stopped b/c of the bronchitis, but it was all happening at the same time), I get so sad because I still can't believe i am not pregnant and that I have to go back to being a healthy non-pregnant person and start the process all over again. Does that make sense? I also have hardly any time to think about it all, and I'm nervous that it will really hit me once tax season is over...


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(((hugs))) It makes total sense. I've been there, and it's just part of the process. It's not easy but you will get thru it.

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*hugs* on the baby front.


As for the cats, I do have some actual advice there, given that it's my field. Don't bother paying for the "yearly plan" Those things are only good at your regular vet. If the cat ends up needing to go the emergency or specialty hospitals, it isn't covered at all. Overall those yearly plans are a racket. The basic services (vaccines, bloodwork) aren't really discounted, just rolled into the package. And unlimited exams are just a gimmick because NOTHING else is included for free, just the exam. I guarantee you every single time you take him in for a "free" exam, they'll find 2-4 things for you to do that DO cost extra. If you just want to monitor weight, buy a baby scale off of Amazon. I just got one for my home pet nursing business for less than $50.


There is no tie-in between Pepcid and vit B shots.


Just putting $50 in a savings for "cats" or buying a good pet insurance plan (trupanion.com) is a much better and more flexible way to go about it than those "yearly plans" that some regular vets offer.

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Thank you for the advice!! I'm not sure where I read about the b12 deficiency. I can't find anything on it now. Strange. Are there any problems associated with long term pepcid use?? Am I overreacting by going to the vet? Should I be paying for bloodwork at this point, or just give the diet change some time? He is eating the wet food (now twice a day), and although he looks skinny and has an unhealthy look to him, he is still playful and affectionate. When we first started the pepcid, there was a remarkable difference in his disposition, and he did stop throwing up. We give him half a pill every day and when the vet suggested that we try every other day, he did throw up. And, last week he threw up when we had not missed a dose so I freaked out, called the vet, and set up appts for both cats. I had been worried about the kitten gaining too much weight, but she does seem to have slimmed down a tiny bit since we started the monitored feedings. I just figured I'd bring her along for the ride and get her weighed, but the last thing i need is them suggesting other things we need to do for her.

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I guarantee they will suggest other things. That's how the kind of vets that offer those "programs" make their money.


How old is the "old cat"? The one random vomit would mean nothing to me in a cat with chronic vomiting -- he's still a cat after all. But the change in weight/haircoat could mean things like hyperthyroidism, early stage renal.....or just aging changes. If you haven't had any bloodwork on him in the last 6-12mo, definitely have them do a panel including a T4 (thyroid). If that comes back normal, I wouldn't worry too much as long as he is eating well and acting pretty normal.

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He is 6.5 years old. We did do the bloodwork including thyroid today. He has lost about about 1 lb since his visit last Nov. We do need to change him over to the grain free/chicken free diet and we will go from there. The vomiting scared me last week b/c he has never thrown up on the pepcid, only when we missed a dose.


And, thank you so much for talking me out of the program! I saved a few hundred today by just paying for the visit and the bloodwork! And they didn't upsell me on anything for the kitten who is on the plan, they just weighed/examined her. They said her weight is ok (10 lbs) but maybe a little bit too big. She is 10 months old. And, I do think she has lost a little bit of weight this week.

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