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Ready for some totally random updates?


* As of today my husband officially sews on his new rank :) So on the 14th his paycheck will start showing his raise :)


*Hubby should be home from his current trip this evening if the airports he is flying through are able to handle the snow. He is flying within the states or I wouldn't mention it.


*Our son is supposed to start his new developmental daycare on Monday. We are expecting 6in of snow on Sunday night so I am not sure if he will go the first day or not. His behavioral therapist has scheduled her day to be there for 3 hours on his first day to see how it goes. I am nervous. Usually when I leave him somewhere I come back to find him bloody and the staff traumatized. I keep telling myself that these people are trained to handle him and there is a nurse on duty the whole time. I also have left strict orders that if at anytime they can't handle him or they have to use his helmet I am to be called immediately. The helmet is traumatizing for him and my worst nightmare is that they are going to put it on him and then leave it on all day and I won't know about it because he is non-verbal. I also worry they will get frustrated with him and yell at him or yank on him. I expressed my concerns to our behavioral therapist who has experience with this daycare and she did agree that you have to really want to be with little man because he is not easy to care for. She feels confident that they can care for him so I am going with her recommendation. On the money front it will be $95 per month for 2 days a week (9am - 3pm), we will need to provide 2 snacks and lunch, and disposable diapers and wipes.


*Homeschooling is going well and the girls seem to be thriving. Our local homeschool is so active that we are actually a little over scheduled with activities and groups!


Okay enough randomness I should go do some work ;)

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WOW! A lot going on in your life!!


how old is your son again? Sure would be nice if they had a camera so you could sign in somewhere on-line and see what is happening. Cost seems very reasonable and hopefully this will work well and give you some respite time from that part of your life.

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He is 2. He starts the daycare twice a week now to get him used to going somewhere and the whole "school thing" then in April when he turns 3 he will start going to a private autistic preschool. The preschool will be 5 days a week so a big step up for him.

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Good news for your DH with his new rank and pay increase!!!


Hopefully the daycare situation works for your DS, sounds like it should be a good thing for his progress.


Glad to hear home schooling is working out for you guys. I follow this blog and she has 4 kids she home schools, it might be of interest to you. She is also very frugal, hence the name of the blog http://www.thefrugalgirl.com

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