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Workbook organization on the cheap ;)




I was going a bit batty dealing with the stacks of workbooks everywhere. Soooooo.............I got all crafty.


First off I started with two boxes, the fabric from the twins old crib bumpers, and some spray adhesive.




Once I got the boxes covered in the fabric I added a divider for the big box so that it could be divided by child. Then I made a label for the front with if the contents were for independent work or if they needed to wait for mom....





Okay my OCD is back in proper alignment and I can go on with my life now icon_wink.gif

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Great idea with the fabric covered boxes! Perfect for the ikea storage shelves we just picked up ( for free, on kijiji!). I am going to make it my project this week! Thanks

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Nice!  I saw a cute idea using dish-dryers to hold books a while back.  All books went in the middle, pens, pencils, scissors in the utensil holder, and manipulatives along the side.  I think she had it set up for older kids, though. It looked a lot more like independent work only.

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