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One A Month Check In In Seems




Well I was going to try and check in more than once a month but thus far it doesn't seem that I've done that very well. Let's see in the last month, I have really tried to stick to my budget although the lovely thing I call a car seems to be soaking me for every dime I scrounge up.


Let's see, thus far...


Had to replace the motor to the windshield wiper sprayer. Then had a gas tank leak, then broke one of my side view mirrors and now the engine won't turn over. So far $700 and counting...keeping my fingers crossed that the engine not turning over won't cost more than I can afford. Up to this point, it was a 200-500 every six or so months to keep it running...but if these repairs don't slow down I'm going to have to buy something different. Just what I don't want to think about at the beginning of this program. I'll have to start saving for a beater instead of snowballing which irritates me.


Other than that, I've had my first placement as a foster parent (twin 3 year old girls) and it's been going great. The desire to actually pursue this path was what made me begin to think about getting out of debt. And God was telling me that this was something I needed to do so here I am. Spiritually thus far it's been the greatest gift I've given myself. I had some money put aside for this and will start getting my monthly stipend next month which should take care of any future expenses and this first one should rebuild the money that I spent on the finishing set up touches.


Other than that I've kind of felt like I am treading water. I am in the process of changing banks from BOA to a local bank which is a big ole pain in the rear. I've gotten most of my automatic payments switched over and turned in the paperwork for direct deposit at work. I will be so glad when all this moving around is completed and it will make budgeting and knowing where all my money is at much easier.


The holidays are of course on their way. One more thing to stress me out, but the good news is that everyone seems to be one board to cutting back on the gifts and spending more time rather than money. Thanksgiving at Mom and Dads this week will be nice quite affair I believe but we'll see who all shows up. Then we're going out as a family to look at the Christmas Lights at a local park. It will be nice to get out with my parents and the girls. The on Black Friday, we will be putting up the Christmas Tree and baking cookies. I'm at least looking forward to the four day weekend this weekend but I'll be busy busy busy.


Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.



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