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Transferred the rest of the snowball to savings - $3014.42 total.


We really need to get gazelle over the next few months. In addition to the house savings, I would love to put 10k into HSAs and retirement for the 2013 tax year. It would bring us to 7.5% retirement savings for the year and fund both hsas up to our deductibles (I'm assuming mine is going to be cleaned out soon w/ the extra dr/hospital expenses). My deductible won't renew until Nov but I would still rather put the money back now rather than later. We are projecting a total savings of 21k between now and the end of April, so taking 10k out of that would really cut into our house savings goal of a minimum of 30k. We haven't decided what we will do yet, but either way, we really need to get gazelle. Like BS2 gazelle. :-)


-I cleaned my car today and took everything out of my trunk. I read this can improve gas mileage by 2%!

-DH is building a fire right now. We have been using the oil since I've had bronchitis. I'm feeling better so do not want to spend another penny on that oil!

-We are driving the truck to my moms for dinner tomorrow and will pick up the last load of the wood she gave us.

-We are returning cans on Monday - DH has been saving cans at work so should be a small snowflake and I had some in my trunk that I was too lazy to return.

-I'm brainstorming things to sell on ebay. I don't have time for a third job, but there's no reason why I can't post a few things on ebay.

-We will continue to carpool to work- we are officially $230.81 under budget for gas this month! (Although being sick contributed to this since we were home every weekend/no trips to family).

-I am going to see about year round work with the new cpa firm. I had wanted seasonal, but I really do love getting two paychecks. I could always go back to seasonal later when I finally do have a baby.

-We have 3 buyers for our eggs at the insane price of $5/dozen (this is what the farm charges so they feel it's better if charge the same since the buyers farm employees/customers). This could even turn into a snowflake for us at $5/dozen!


The other news is that the owners of our house don't want to sign a lease, and want to go month to month, with a 30 day notice for both parties. This is very upsetting to me, and is part of the reason why we need to save like crazy. They say they have no plans to move back, but they have been a little dishonest with us before, and we we feel like there is a good chance they may want to move back this summer. It is a very scary situation. I can't imagine having 30 days notice to find a new place to live! (Especially with 2 cats and 30 chickens!) It is frustrating - I really thought this would be our last rental - I have been renting for 17 years , I'm so done with it!


But, despite all of that, I still really want to put that 10k in retirement/hsas. But, we'll see.

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Also our internet is going up to $60/ mo! We had a one year promotion through our cable company that is ending. They said they can't extend it and there are no other offers. I have been looking any offers we get in the mail, but they are all long contracts with a high contract price after the promotion. Any ideas? We also pay $12.42/mo for a Vonage phone and $7.99 for Hulu.

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