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Session 1 of 9: FPU a success




The FPU class at the local YMCA finally began. We thought it was to start in early January but the DR website had inaccurate info. Anyway, I was kind of nervous that Ethan would try to get out of going to the class, but that didn't happen. I think he knew how important it was to me that we go together, and it had been on the calendar for quite some time. So we had some sushi for dinner at our favorite place, then went to the class afterwards.

There are only 2 other families in the class with us for now but we enjoyed the small, personal feel! The teacher has been through a few himself and was really friendly. Turns out everyone + the instructor are from the same town, which is about 20min drive from the YMCA. So if next week it's still just us showing up, we may change the location of class to save everyone $$!

Ethan was watching DR's talk/presentation on SAVINGS and was keeping up with writing notes & filling out all of the forms in the workbook, which surprised me! I didn't think he'd be so into that. I feared he might get bored. He said that his big take-away was realizing the awesomeness of having that buffer between us and Murphy. Just having an emergency fund and how awesome it would feel to pay for something drastic and not stress out when writing that check. My big take away was seeing how much of an impact starting saving early in life has on the funds/compound interest. Makes me feel a tiny bit better about us both still being in our 20's :) Although I am 3 years shy of 30 and Ethan has another 7, lucky young'un.


Then on the drive home, he wouldn't shut up about our class! He can't wait to get our $1000 BEF underway. We discussed opening a joint money market account just for that purpose. I think we are off to a very good start!

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Taking the FPU class together completely revolutionized our marriage in the area of finances and being able to talk about them without fighting. And I really mean this...it was misery for approximately 25 years whenever we had to talk about expenses--lots of finger-pointing, blame-game, completely not team-oriented. I'm happy to report that literally hours after our first FPU class, we were able to have a sane, reasonable, non-threatening conversation about our money. It's so great that Ethan is willing to participate with you--this will be a wonderful launching pad for your future together. :) :)

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