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Another child another specialist.




Today my smallest twin went to see the GI specialist to find out why she is failing to thrive (25lbs and 4yrs old, no weight gain since she turned 2yrs old). Lots of tests and such going on tomorrow (xrays and blood work), depending on those test results there will be an MRI and an endoscopy done soon.


The Dr gave us a prescription for pediasure and miralax but I just talked to our pharmacy and since they are over the counter our insurance won't cover them. If anyone knows how to get them for the best price feel free to let me know. We have been making smoothies for her but I don't always have the time to make a new smoothie for every single meal so I would like to have some pediasure for her as a stand by. About to call WIC and see if they will take the prescription for the pediasure. Worth a shot!

I am about to start a requested food log for her and test her poop for blood.....we are just a laugh a minute over here these days ;)


This morning was also an appointment for my son to fill out his special needs paperwork for his medical records (will stop any orders being dropped to bases that do not have services for him). Tomorrow my oldest goes to the Dr to fill out HER paperwork. Monday we meet with the school social worker to do DS's school special needs paperwork for preschool, next Thursday DS sees the developmental pediatrician/neurologist, and we have another meeting with our medical social worker. Then ANOTHER meeting for my son to fill out MORE special needs medical paperwork.


Prayers for strength and fortitude are appreciated!



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Prayers coming from here, every day! I have seen that Pediasure is covered by WIC so there is the possibility since you have a prescription they will cover it!

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Amy, I think our insurance covers OTC items if they are accompanied by a script. Maybe your insurance will re-pay you? Did you double-check with them? (I am sure that you did but just want to leave no stone unturned.)


You may also be able to check with your doctor. I know while my DS was on soy formula, they would give me TONS of samples (like 3 or 4 weeks worth each visit) since the different companies leave it wit them to get them to recommend it. They may have some they can give you or know of another office that possibly has some.


Also, try calling the manufacturer and ask for coupons after explaining your situation. They are usually happy to mail some out.


Hang in there! (((Hugs)))

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Today while doing a routine appointment for our oldest daughter we found that her eyes are not tracking properly and she needs to see another specialist. I am a bit overwhelmed at the scope of the medical storm we are in the middle of. I wanted to ask for prayers for each of the children but thought it might get confusing so I am writing out each child and their diagnosis and specialists.

Hailey: Autistic (PDD-NOS) and epileptic.
*Specialists: Neurologist, ABA therapy, optomologist
^Current testing under way: EEG, blood work, testing eyes for tracking

Sara: Healthy at this time

Emma: Healthy at this time

Lacy: Failure to thrive, difficulty feeding, constipation
*Specialist: GI
^Current testing underway: Blood work pending (celiac, zinc, etc), feeding log, testing poo for blood, x-ray of bone growth, possible endoscopy and MRI depending on blood work results.

Brent: autistic, mystery hand/arm tremor
*Specialists: Behavior therapy, Occupational therapy, neurologist, developmental pediatrican
^ Current testing under way: ADOS testing, probable MRI for hand tremor

Megan: Healthy at this time

Okay it doesn't look THAT bad when I type it all out icon_wink.gif All tests that I have been given paper work for have been completed. Still need to call the specialists for my oldest daughter to get those rolling now that the younger two have been managed. I will do the neurologist this afternoon. We have to wait for hte paperwork we filled out today to go into effect for her so that we can upgrade her insurance to get the ABA therapy. Need to wait for the Optomology referral to go through and I can call them.

I just always feel like I am falling behind and forgetting someone/something.

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I did some research on Tricare and Pediasure and it doesn't look like they will pay. It looks like they only pay for it if your child is being fed by a g-tube.

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Maybe you already call the WIC office but I just wanted to say when my 22 yo son was 2 he stopped growing too. They never found out why. Finally at about 4 he started and grew just fine. They did all kinds of testes with no answer. They gave us Pediasure also and our WIC covered it. But that was 20 years ago and in MInnesota so not sure about your area but I would think since things only get better they should.


By the way my son is now 22 and well is small but not really. He is 5'9" same size as my brother and his father. He weights around 150 also.


Nice thing about it was he wore out clothing before he out grew it. They told me to let me eat what ever he wanted. Cereal for meals was his favorite. Many snack in between and the boy did eat.


I wish you luck and maybe they will find out something. Also tests are better 20 years later.

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