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Goals for 2014






If DH had his way he'd rent a dumpster and donate half the stuff in the basement without going through it.


Basement is 1st on my list since i'd like to put a bathroom down there in the storage area ( a friend says he can do the sewer/water line work for DH if not i could ask my dad/brother if i have too).


What "toys' do you keep of your kids? sseriosly!! noone bought crazy stuff but man it adds up fast with two kids


We need a better toy storage option in the living room for the kids too.. what we have sort of works but not really.


I feel overwhelemed but i just starting doing 30 mins here and there to get rid of stuf or organize an area :)


it's working!!



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Can't help you with ideas on kids' clutter - but I totally hear you on the 30 minutes here, 30 minutes later, etc.  I get completely overwhelmed when I look at the big picture, especially in our basement (junk room).  i actually have on my to-do list for every weekend - 15 minutes in basement, 15 minutes in computer room, 15 minutes in garage (although we're skipping that til it's warmer!).  


My husband is the opposite - he can't bear to get rid of anything.  Thus, the garage we can't even walk through.  sigh.  


Good luck!

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30 minutes at a time. Lots of water and donate that stuff the minute you decide you don't want it. :) For toys, just be realistic about the space you have and if your children will do better with less stuff. It makes it easier to let go of it all.

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They do  better with less for sure :)


DS's room is full of legos (he loves them and plays with them all the time)


BUT dang it's a danger zone in there :)


DD is not a sit and play type of girl (turns 3 in feb).


She' go go go!!! trash trash trash, draw on walls, tv screen, dinning chair and laptop when no one is looking (with sharpie) type of gal!!


DH and i will need to spend some time toy sorting and geting rid of stuff


I put it for free on a local yard sale site :)

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we are doing major sort and dump here as well.  Oldest DD moved home, temporarily to guest room.  I am downsizing office/homeschool room (no longer homeschooling, or maybe last year next year).  Essential office papers going into DH's man cave.  We (DH and I) will leave our bedroom and move to former office.  (will need paint, nightstands, window coverings, armoire, minimum).  This will leave our bedroom (which needs new carpet and paint) for oldest DD.  We will then fix up former guest room to library/guest room (probably new paint and blinds/curtains).  THEN, and only then, will I be able to tackle new craft room (which was oldest DD's bedroom before she moved out).  By then I will have been through most books and papers once or twice.  Hope to have it considerably reduced.  Hoping to be able to paint the former office next weekend.  We will see.

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I'm like your DH, I could easily dump a good amount of items with out much care. I think I'm missing that gene that makes people attached to sentimental items! My DH hangs on to everything, " you just don't know when I may need it." It drives me nuts!!!


We love having a second bathroom in our basement, we finished off a portion of the basement into a family room so it is nice to have a bathroom down there too.



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It also helps to let go if you consider that you are blessing someone else with something they may use. I even call my donation box my "blessing box." 

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We are working on this also cause we maybe taking a long distance work move summer/fall time.


I have got the attic almost done I need dh to get the old tv out so I can get rid of it. Need to work on the basement (I hate that) it needs done and get some black trash bags so that I can get rid of the stuff.


I have garage sale stuff upstairs in one bedroom I plan to go thru some of it to get rid of it on line garage sales I belong to. I also have to get the stuff marked so it's done and I can have the sale in May.


I've got the downstairs mostly put together like I want it. We've decided what furniture we will keep and what we won't take with us. But we won't get rid of any of it til just before we go. I've still goto work a bit upstairs and get things gone thru and rid of. My plan is to have it all done upstairs this weekend. I want to redo our bedroom with the new bedding I got for Christmas but need to get new curtains so going to look this weekend.


I love to have everything in its place.

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Luckily both dh and I are ruthless about throwing things away which is a good thing because even with a large house, we don't have room for 7 people to hang on to everything they've ever owned. We still really need a shed of some sort. We don't have basements where I live and the "attic" is kind of a joke. It's maybe 2 foot high and only over the garage, the rest is like 1 foot. The garage already has a jet ski in it. So now matter how many things we get rid of, 7 bikes still take up space. And we use them.


It is funny the things that make you excited as an adult. When I see a house with great storage space, I drool.

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I just packed up half DD's pre-holiday toy collection into boxes and put them in the storage shelves.  If she doesn't remember and ask for any of the items...I'll feel justified in donating or selling them after 6  months or so.  :)  She's four, so racing through those developmental stages.


I WISH my dh would throw things out.  One of my moral stands is that I will never secretly get rid of anything belonging to him...but boy, am I tempted!  I'm 99% sure he would never notice (just like dd) but it would just be a jerky thing to do.  Sigh.

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So Kassie, do you want to come over to my house? :) Just let me know when's good for you! ;)


Cutenirish, no, it is not just you! I have a basement full of toys and scrapbook stuff to go through and clean out so we have less and so I have room to create. I have an office and mud room that are also in need of weeding through. It drives DH nuts and he is always threatening to throw things out without even looking in the bags to see what they are. One of my bad habits (though I am getting better) is to leave bags of clothes or items around if they need to be returned or if I don't have time to take them out and put them away. But, I have left them in the mud room or corner of the bedroom for MONTHS and that is when DH says that I obviously don't need it so he should throw it away. He doesn't do it anymore, but then again, I have been better. I am a work in progress!

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so the basement has hardy been touched this winter.


DH was so busy working overtime we had no time to get it worked on much.


we also can't agree WHERE we want said bathroom down there UGH.


But it has to get cleaned out in that area regardless sooner than later so this project can get started!!!


We've got a stack of toys to sell/donate


I've stored my closet (bonus) another bag of stuff OUT of there.


our room is awful!  


feeling overwhelmed!!!


Following Mim's list idea!

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